Pay Attention to Your Heart

January 21, 2018 | By More

by Amâeil
Healing with Divine heart to awaken the deep truth within.

Whether you are feeling it or not, we have collectively shifted our consciousness into the 4-6D soul matrix Harmonic Universe with a new set of governing laws. To navigate the impact on your experience, remember to pay attention to your heart.

The heart is still the power tool for discerning what feels true for us and what doesn’t. If ever this was important it’s now, because as the timelines shift and fresh possibilities emerge as our reality, there will be much to choose from and more to discern. If we ascertain resonance when change comes our way then we’ll be able to sustain ourselves in our journey. Resonance always feels as though there is flow and ease. If there’s no resonance then we can feel questioning, put upon, or mistrustful. While there can be unresolved pain, confusion and distortions in the dissonance, it’s still our journey that’s unfolding, and it remains our responsibility to clarify them. So we must not get lost in rhetoric or directives but know ourselves.

We are moving along together in this ascension experiment. To the awakened it may seem more beautiful and feel easier. To others it may feel denser or as though nothing is different. Yet, we each have to be willing to see that our heart can align with the higher harmonics or it can be closed to what’s most transformative for us individually and collectively. The closed heart will not know how to be joyful and flow with the unfamiliar. The open heart will be able to freely trust in the unfolding with faith. Unifying our higher mind and heart will steady us in this sea of change.

Our heart helps us to be the Divine human that we are. In all our history this has been its purpose. It hasn’t always been used well. Let’s use it now for being the peace. 17 yrs. experience: intuitive energy education, counselling, healing & multi-dimensional ascension clearing intelligently purposed for Indigos/Starseeds, young and older. ©2018 Amâeil (Melinda Urban) All Rights Reserved.

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