Pathwork: When Trying Has Stopped Working

November 9, 2017 | By More

You are probably aware of something in you – a divine spark – that gives you the desire to be all you can be.  You may be well on your way to living the fulfilled life you envision.  And yet you may be noticing a part of you that subtly resists this fulfillment in spite of growth in many areas of your life.

In noticing this myself, I have recently been wondering about the phrase, thinking outside the box.  What would it look like if I applied it to a place in my life where I felt stuck in this way?  When I land back in this place where the voices inside tell me “things will never change, no matter how hard I try”, I am convinced this is how it will always be.  I end up in defeat.  This is where I stay, accepting it as fate – a fainter voice inside saying it could be different but I’m too focused on the familiar voice to hear the other.

Could this be experienced in a totally different way?  My old way has been to avoid it by convincing myself I really didn’t want it – denying what I really desire.

Pathwork Lecture 222: The Transformation of the Lower Self encourages us to actually look more closely at this negative voice that rules our way of thinking in certain areas of our lives, to search inward with an attitude of finding the truth, with an inquiring mind open to transforming this negative energy.  Imagine taking this energy that keeps us stuck and turning it around into a positive energy that actually brings an attitude of yes “to the meaning of life, to beauty, love, truth, expansion joy and peace.”

Not only do we release the misconception that nothing can be done, but we begin to see this stuckness as exactly where our way to freedom begins. “Within us there is a movement that embraces life, that affirms life, that wants that which is divine.  And there is a countermovement that denies it all”.  It is this countermovement – in Pathwork terms, Lower Self – that makes us a victim.  Our task is to transform that which denies our living fully.

The lecture illuminates and offers guidance about how to begin this transformation process.  It is the subject of the next Pathwork Open Lecture on Wednesday, November 29. Mary Anne Bourque will present the lecture with discussion and offer an exercise to begin applying it in our own lives.  All are welcome.  Join us in the exploration of this transformative work.


When: Wednesday, November 29, 2017,

7 to 9 pm

Where: Saint Paul University, 233 Main Street.  Follow the signs to the room.

Suggested donation: $5 for members, $15 for nonmembers – to help with room rental costs


For more information: contact Jean at or 613-829-1254

Pathwork lectures are available for free download from

Mary Anne Bourque is a Palliative Care Chaplain and a Pathwork Helper in the Ottawa area.

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