Pathwork: False and Real Guilt

May 19, 2017 | By More

by Jean Millar

You probably do your best to be competent and accomplished in what you do.  I certainly do.  In fact, I used to try to do things perfectly, even be perfect.  I preferred not to have flaws or faults or negative tendencies.  I would have liked to believe – and have others believe – that I didn’t have a shadow side or a lower self.  But perfectionism and the resulting self-judgment for faults and negative trends can drive us into a false, superimposed perfection that is problematic in relationships and life in general.  This perfectionistic striving to be better than we can possibly be at the moment combined with denying the mixture of positive and negative traits that actually exist in us causes us to unconsciously exaggerate small guilts rather than face the real guilt due to acting out the negative tendencies we cannot accept we have.  Not facing our lower self and not owning our resulting sometimes poor behavior creates real guilt which is made worse by pretending the opposite.  A great deal of our energy can go towards this denial. We undermine our self-esteem and self-confidence and impair our integrity. What is needed is the resiliency to accept the lower self as it actually is, to accept the associated real guilts and to make restitution for them. This is explored in Pathwork Lecture #109: Spiritual and Emotional Health Through Restitution for Real Guilt.  The lecture explains that this resiliency can be cultivated and discusses the understandings and self-search that can help us free ourselves from the crippling effects of unrestituted guilts.

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