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Do you struggle with how to love? Are your relationships less fulfilling than you wish them to be? It is a natural human desire to be loved; however our beliefs about love are often distorted. We often confuse our desire to be loved with our ability to love. It is being loving that gives meaning to life.

It is our first impressions and emotional experiences as children that lay the groundwork for our adult relationships. The important people in our young lives are our early teachers about love. Because our parents or parent substitutes are imperfect humans we do not receive the perfect, unconditional love that we long for. This can create resentment. The resentment may be out of our awareness as we mature….or not. I remember really disliking my mother at times when I was a teenager and young adult. Now, as my mother ages and I mature, this is something I have become curious about and want to understand. Pathwork lecture #99 – Falsified Impressions of Parents: Cause and Cure has helped me see how these feelings of resentment toward my parents probably came about; that, as a child, I had limitations in how I perceived my parents. I was not able to see them simply as imperfect human beings (as we all are) who were doing the best they could according to their capacity.

Coming to understand the often unconscious and partial perception we carry of our parents and then to correct it is a doorway into understanding the dynamics in our adult relationships.  Ultimately, this helps us be in touch with our deep desire to be loving human beings. 

This will be the topic of the next Pathwork Open Lecture. There will be a discussion of lecture #99 – Falsified Impressions of Parents and an exercise to help us apply the teachings in our own lives.  All are welcome on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at Saint Paul University, 233 Main Street, room 141 from 7 to 9 pm. Follow the signs to the room.  There is a suggested donation of $15 for nonmembers; $5 for members.

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