Painting with Words, Poetry for a New Era

January 26, 2019 | By More

Ian Prattis

“Painting with Words, Poetry for a New Era” is now available. On, soon on Indigo, also from me –  To avoid shipping costs, Ottawa friends can get a signed copy directly from me – a purchase enables you to take any one of my prior books home for free. Here is a glimpse from the Foreword by Jana Begovic. 

“I became acquainted with Ian Prattis through his trilogy – Redemption, Trailing Sky, New Planet New World.  Reading his literary tour de force reminded me of E.B. White’s quote in which he compared writing to both a mask and unveiling. The profound truth of that quote brought greater clarity to a seemingly complex and intriguing man who dances between the roles author, shaman, environmentalist, a wolf whisperer and a human vessel through which ancient wisdom pours forth. My enchantment with Prattis’ creative opus continued throughout this volume of poetry. And what a befitting title for the verses that paint images like masterful strokes of a painter’s brush! 

This collection of poems features six thematically distinct parts displaying a full spectrum of human emotions, and capturing in verse the shared aspects of our experience. Each poem seems to reflect how deeply the author had travelled into his personal experience to retrieve and process its meaning, and to raise it to the level of the universal. Each part exudes, thus a singular atmosphere of spirit, and depicts the author’s pilgrimage into the landscape of his soul, excavating the multiplicities of his self during the different legs of his spiritual journey. His poetry aims directly for the heart speaking to the reader in clear and loud words, sometimes screaming the truth; it is incisive, devoid of redundant imagery and heavy-handed symbolism that might obscure the truth, both the poetic and human one.

With the multi-layered quality of the poems, Prattis takes the reader through the immensities of joy and pain, through the infinite and the mysterious. He dissects the dissonance of the modern world with the scalpel of his poetic musings, and describes the interflow between the human soul and the spirit of earth, paving his quest for spiritual evolution and higher meaning. Prattis’ poetry is a poetic narrative of our basest attributes as a species, our greed and propensity toward a savage violence, as well as our ability to love beyond the telling power of words. His verses awaken the sense of the infinite within us surging our hearts with the power of their message. They restore the possibility of the ancient dialogue between humans and nature, and most of all they restore a sense of optimism.”

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