P is for Paraben

May 21, 2017 | By More

Last month, I talked about artificial scents and why they may be harmful. I’d like to explore more of the reasons why a healthy home means a healthy you.

Have you heard of 1,4-dioxane? It could be in your shampoo and lotion right now. It is a suspected carcinogen.  And it doesn’t break down easily, meaning it could remain in your environment long after initial use (It is on Health Canada’s prohibited list, but there is some debate, as the levels of 1,4 dioxane were too low in a product to be considered toxic).   

Did you know that parabens are used as preservatives and as fragrance.  They are estrogen mimicers, and are suspected to have a relationship with breast cancer. They can be found in everything  from bodycare to the food you eat. There are a growing number of chemicals which have been shown to be damaging to us-and to the environment (remember the micro beads I talked about a while ago? A danger to the aquatic life that thinks they are food. Fortunately, they should be banned completely by 2018).

So what’s a body to do? Well, become a savvy consumer the same way you would shop for food. Read the labels and look for the ingredients you can’t understand. Then look them up! Purchase DIY ingredients and have some fun creating your own personalized bodycare (pssst…we can help!).

Remember that the number of different products you use can multiply the effect of the ingredients, so if you choose to use your commercial shampoo, maybe switch to a natural oil to moisturize instead of that off-the-shelf stuff you’re used to.

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