One Hundred & Eight Reasons To Do Yoga

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Hannah Hams,

As experience only




Allows us to watch life’s endless barrage of changes with less resistance and less suffering.

To find equanimity in life and the body.

Helps with intuition.

Works your body safely, thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Ignites a light within.

Can bring back our innately good inner nature through practice.

To cure what need not be endured and to endure what cannot be cured.

Improves flexibility of spine and joints.

A conversation with all the cells in the body.

Purifies the body with the action of the breath through the nose.

It makes us aware of the space between thoughts, actions, and feelings.

A practice to keep ourselves present neither resisting change nor clamoring for it.

Its vibrant, meaningful, spiritual, demanding, playful, focused, transforming and fun.

One focuses on something larger than our own selfish needs.

Recognizes the body as a critical role in developing and transforming of character.

The physical body is the doorway to subtle interior worlds.

Allows you to feel present for all feelings and sensations.

Yoga – root yuj is the Sanskrit root – unite, join, harness, contact, connect, reunion with truth.

Helps with gaining mastery over the thought waves of the mind.

Breath control encourages stillness which helps with discomfort, before full blown anxiety.

The one who is not busy lives in the space between breaths.

East brought the West the spirituality of Yoga.

When the mind is in the state of union we see our true selves.

Yogis sit well, talk well, enjoy things without getting too caught up.

Reduce levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).

Mind training and/or spiritual development.

Realization that everything happens for you not to you, the exact moment, neither too soon or too late.  You don’t have to like it, its just easier if you do.

A perfect body can be broken into pieces – in that case the only resort is our own inner strength and mental peace.

We can all enjoy inner freedom surrounded by atrocious circumstances.  Just breathe.

A practice of letting go of ego – listening deeply – giving full heartedly without expectation of anything in return.

An instinctive desire to compliment the good you are doing for your body with awareness of nutrition.

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same.

Feeling calm and centred after a yoga session has a lasting effect to the rest of the day.

Immune system strengthens – fewer colds – fewer ear infections – less constipation – reduced mucus – less aches and pains – better circulation – skin tone and more energy. Energy makes energy.

Asanas (poses) massages the body, especially the internal organs.

Improves posture because of awareness.

Improves balance, acts as fall prevention.

Helps attain a pure state of consciousness.

Strengthens the core which adjusts your forward and backward movements.

Realization you have an inner self.

Frees one from life’s sorrows.  Good for handling grief.

Circulation of lymphatic fluids improve with muscle movement.

Teaches you to do without thought or reward (Karma Yoga).

Gives serenity and composure.

You start with the body, then the breath and finally the mind.

Does not work alone.  Compliments cardiovascular workouts, good sleep, nutrition, muscular endurance, deep relaxation, good hygiene,gratitude, compassion and open awareness practices.

Yoga aspirants grow like plants, it develops slowly.

Gift of yoga is balance.

Awareness is possible ASK WAIT LISTEN

Awareness of living in the moment – how precious each moment is.

Strengthening of muscles aids in building strong bones.

Awareness, the problem is not finding time or space.  Its how to still the soul in the midst of its activities.  The real problem is how to feel the soul.

If we peel away the physical, mental, emotional self, we would have the core of our being.  From the point of view of the soul, it doesn’t care if we’re comfortable or not.

Full breathing sends a message to the brain to relax.

Contributes to well being by bringing us closer to our true nature by enhancing many aspects of our lives including stress.  How firmly are you holding on to the steering wheel.

Teaches us to navigate all the waves of life that toss us about.

Deal with stressors ….. work, relationships, children, overwork, constant doing, illness, life threatening situations, death.

Several studies have shown yoga practices slow down, stop or reverses disease.

The goal of yoga is to still the mind. Subtle changes start slowly.

Teaches the use of affirmations.  Instead of telling yourself how awful life is you can change it to “every day in every way, I am getting better”.  Knowing the mind believes everything you tell it.

Yoga allows you to silence and to question what is the cause of.

Even a little bit of practice brings a great amount of good.

Lengthening and stretching aligns the spine and makes one more flexible.

Deep seated tension is in the body.  Its like peeling the onion, taking off the body armor.

Helps dissolve long term muscular tightness and distortions from physical and mental addictions

The body speaks by symptoms.  We are forced by pain to look under the surface of things.

Helps individuals to deal with inner pain and/or cope with pain

By doing nothing, everything begins to happen.

Listen. Are you breathing just a little and calling it “life”.

Yoga is too big to fit into one style.  Not all yoga styles are for everyone.  Its good to find what works for you. Ensure your new Yoga teacher belongs to Lineage.  That teacher has a teacher who had a teacher that goes back many years.

The big bang occurs when we become aware of our consciousness as something bigger than our thoughts.

A tool we can use, endlessly, to explore inner and outer worlds.

A conversation with trillions of cells in the body.

Yoga is now accepted as a Science.

When the mind, which has been tossed about by conflicting opinions becomes still and centred in equilibrium, then you experience yoga.

A true, steady, yogi is utterly content with the wisdom of real knowing.  Understanding mostly things are out of one’s control.

You can mix and match all the physical and mental yoga’s.

Yoga is a practice involving a form of exercise that involves prescribed movements and disciplined breathing.

Yoga in stages allows the impossible to become possible. i.e. building muscle in your late 70’s.

The ability to direct the mind.

Listen.  Are you breathing just a little and calling it LIFE.

The ability to sustain the mind’s direction without distraction.

The art and science of directing the mind.

The art of moving from one situation to another.

The art of understanding what you have not understood.

To grow in different ways.  Making space between thoughts, emotions and verbalizing. Space between.

It is accepted that the state of mind can positive or negatively influence the state of health in the body.  Even something as simple as posture.

Allow one to become flexible mentally.

Allows individuals to truly be free, present, and available for any opportunity to surface.

Stress management is life management.

Come on the mat and digest life’s experiences.

Helps keep life in perspective.

Helps feel at peace with yourself and your environment.

Chronic pain has its medical limits, yogic deep relaxation helps stress reduction.

Expands one’s field of awareness.

Healing percolates out of stillness and silence.

Yoga lowers the heart rate and certain yoga practices will stop 92% of individuals suffering from angina pain.  A case study involving 21 participants with angina pain.

Allows you to be with your feelings and get to know them.  “Is it true what I just told myself.”

Yoga loosening fascia which gets sticky like glue.

Makes room for intuition and allows your own wisdom guide to come through.

The breathing techniques calm and cleanse the autonomic nervous system.

You learn to feel, watch, and allow the breath.

You learn to breathe into your belly, lower ribs front and back and neck & clavicle.

Thoracic breathing means you are half alive.

You get 7 times more oxygen in a full breath.

A good breath clears the mind, oxygenates blood for greater energy.

The essence of Yoga is the Koshas


Hannah Hamsa
Level 111 Integral Yoga Teacher Eastern Ontario, with classes in Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill.  Partner for 10 years with University of Ottawa Heart Institute (those classes are twice weekly in Vankleek Hill).  Other classes are listed in The Vankleek Hill newspaper “The Review” .

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