On Highly Sensitive Youth & Fitting In

December 14, 2018 | By More

The lady sitting in the next chair to mine at the hairdressers was talking about how her daughter is different and how it has been difficult for her to fit in with her peers. She had been going through a very rough time. The woman stated that a group of mothers with sensitive children had been meeting for 10 years trying to figure it out.

I answered that I believe that a lot of the children being born today are highly sensitive individuals who do not understand their sensitivity and don’t even know how differently they approach life until they are in their late teens, early 20’s.  Often times once they see how different they are from the others, they have no coping tools, no knowledge to understand who they are and often turn to addictive substances to numb out the confusion and to fit in. 20% of the population falls into this category called empathy – and that number apparently, is on the rise.

Silence fell between us until one woman said she thought I was right – and then asked where do you find out about this kind of stuff and who can you trust with the answers? 

Highly sensitive youth have a specific profile – they can tend to be genius-like, mindful, insightful, creative thinkers, very accommodating, gifted artists, and will put others’ needs before their own, even to their own detriment – adults in general, are not noticing how often these youth’s specific needs are not met because these youth seem to cope well on the outside and say they are “fine”. As a result, they do not have the support they need to figure themselves out. 

You are invited to a workshop on this subject on Sunday, January 20th, 2019, from 1 to 4 entitled “Understanding Highly Sensitive Youth & The Missing Links”. Be ready to receive food for thought on spirit-soul energy outside of religion.

Empathy is not a mental illness, it is a sign that the individual does not have the same filters as others to block out extra stimulation and sees things differently as a result. They need to be understood and respected for their originality and courage. They and their families need a special education on the subject, which includes strategies to help cope and how to process energy. This is not psychology – it is personal energy management within a universal spiritual energy that most people don’t know about, yet one these sensitive youth are in tune with unknowingly. They need an education because deep down, as they see how different they are from the others, they start to wonder if they are crazy or that something is wrong with them – when indeed neither statement is true.

“Empath” is not a word, but if it were, it would mean Energetic Mastery Path – that is what your youth is seeking unknowingly – I can help you with that. Learning about the ways of the Soul outside religion is the missing piece. If you need assistance, please, reach out or come to the workshop on January 20th.

Happy New Year!

Diane Oliver

Shaman-Empath, Healer, Teacher

Soul Energy Medicine

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