New Rules in Yoga

March 21, 2018 | By More

Yoga is a gift we must share with one another and yoga does not exist in fearful environments. If you are in fear during your class, please leave the area and discuss your fears with the front desk. The front desk is paid to address inappropriate behaviour during class. If you observe anyone displaying their bodies or asking to be touched or receiving stroking or touching during yoga you have the right to leave and make a complaint. You are paying to be in a safe environment.  If you observe anyone contacting anyone during  yoga and exchanging. intimate kisses, touches or anything which seems out of place, you have the right to go. You may not like the style and it may not be yoga. You may be deceived.

Yoga is not contacting the buttocks, touching them or receiving pat downs because you are there. So you do not need to have a ritual shoulder chest massage or throat touch. You do not need essential oils on temples to revive your love. You are love. So do not keep this sacred while allowing a person to come up behind you to touch your back or neck to manipulate, without first asking you for permission. Do not allow adjustments without your consent. Consent is verbal. Consent must be obtained by this person. You are the student so you are paying for safety. Please do remember to write down what happened and then do the right thing. Report it.   You are sacred and this is sacred. Your body is sacred not to be harmed or abused or asked to provide sensations for the group experience.  Group sharing is a group experience in unity of mind body spirit and is exclusively the right of all individuals who practice inside environments, trusted by their teachers to receive the benefits of karma and karma is an individual karma and our destiny, and it is not a shared destiny so it is our duty to be at peace in yoga.  Namaste

Sonja Muller. Yoga Therapist

R.N.  Deep Tissue Therapist

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