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June 18, 2018 | By More

Written by Rev. Alexis Nicol


When I find myself drawn into the emotion of guilt or So, I was reminded that the theme for this month’s Tone is YOGA.  I had hoped that I could subtly get away with another article as I know very little when it comes to Yoga.  I thought, what could I possibly be able to contribute on this subject?

After a wee bit of pondering I realized that I have had a few opportunities to experience a couple of different types of Yoga.  I have attempted Kundalini, a little Hatha and a few poses but that is about the extent of my Yoga knowledge.  Thus far, I just don’t resonate too well with the physical aspect of Yoga.  I could be reluctant because I am afraid of “failing” at it or not being anyway near flexible enough and might just keel over in front of everyone and look like a total fool.  That’s just part of it – my motivation is also very limited.

If I take a moment and think about it, I might already be doing Yoga, maybe just a little part of it.  Isn’t there an aspect of Yoga that focuses on stilling the mind and breathing?  If so, then this is my small part of enjoying my Yoga.  It seems that meditation and Yoga go hand in hand.  Going for walks in serene and nature-filled areas allows my mind to slow down and with every cleansing breath my stress levels decrease as I let go.

Maybe you can do your own form of Yoga – I probably will offend some of the altruistic followers of true Yoga, but it will be a beginning.  You will be working towards healing your own mind, body and soul.

Perhaps one day I will heal my intimidation of the physical aspect of Yoga.  In the meantime though, I will continue to do it my way by breathing and taking nature walks during the warm summer months at the lake.  If you aren’t into mainstream Yoga you can take some time for yourself in nature, then I am pretty sure you will enjoy a little personal Yoga of your own.

Alexis believes in a Wholistic Metaphysical approach to healing mind, body and soul.  She combines natural healing modalities in her practice.   613-263-7925

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