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Sir William Osler once said, “The Mouth is the Mirror of all Disease.” He taught in three countries and helped found Sir John Hopkins Hospital. This physician would agree that a healthy mouth leads to a healthy life. If you have gum diseases or gums that bleed when you brush or floss, you should get that treated to stop the inflammation and its causes. Bleeding gums mean that microbes from the mouth are entering your blood stream and most probably your lymphatic system as well. Recent research says that mouth bacteria are involved in Alzheimer’s as well. The implied mouth bacteria connection with heart disease goes back almost 70 years. Further, if you are pregnant, those bugs are also invading your placenta and affecting the birth outcome negatively. All this information is new in the last number of years. Further, researcher, Yipping Han in New York, suggests that the cause of gut cancers, i.e. bowel cancers or pancreatic cancers, comes from the influence of bad microbes swallowed daily by people who have bleeding gums or gum diseases. 

Today two California companies have developed two different lasers to combat gum diseases in a newer more humane and gentle manner – Periolase and Waterlase – used together can safely and quickly stop, and reverse gum diseases – a blessing for the patients. Previously, gum disease surgery was criticized and compared to being the oral equivalent to circumcision, using surgical or scalpel methods. I was trained to do gum surgery that way.  The laser method is much more clinically humane with tissue conservation. Over 10 years ago, I called my periodontal teaching expert Dr. Raymond Yukna to ask for updates in his periodontal teaching. He said, “Well, I no longer use a scalpel. I now use a Periolase laser for all my cases. Further, he said he was treating almost all elective medical procedures with his new gum disease protocol in collaboration with the medical department at the University of Colorado Medical school. This seemed like a really smart example of preventive and integrative medicine. Cooperation between the dental department and the surgical care facilities makes a lot of sense. Stopping gum disease reduces the free bacteria circulating in the blood stream and improves the chances of a good recovery after surgery. So, I went to the U of C Periodontal department, took his course and other courses on lasers and gum disease that changed my life as a dentist and changed my patients’ lives as well. 

Healing after surgery is always enhanced by super nutrition lifestyle strategies. It is wise to study the recent books published by Drs Steven Gundry, Robert Thompson, Michael Gregor, Joseph Mercola and David Brownstein. These and other MDs have finally brought the world of nutrition into the world of modern medicine. It was about time!

Further, new self-help techniques like EFT- Emotional Freedom Training,as taught locally by experts like Ottawa’s David Gilbert (613 747 5458), help patients break bad lifestyle habits and adopt newer healthier habits. I suggest everyone learn to brush well with either baking soda or coconut oil. If you have crowded teeth, buy a sulcabrush to clean better. Other safe healthy mouthwashes are green tea or aloe vera juice. Also, learn to floss and use a Water Pik. 

New research in the field of bad bites, orthodontic problems, or snoring has shown us that if you have a bad bite and a bad jaw joint function because of this, then your trigeminal nerves, your largest cranial nerves, emit a noxious neuropeptide called Substance P. Substance P can cause inflammation, which is just as bad as gum disease causing inflammation. If any of these apply to you, get it corrected after you get your bleeding gums fixed up.

Hopefully these little tips on Mouth Medicine can help you have a longer healthier life. A healthy mouth helps create and protect your Micro biome or your gut health. Next time, I will write more on Microbiome Medicine and Metabolic Medicine. We need all three to be healthy if we want to have a healthy long life.

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