Making Lasting Changes: BodyTalk and Somatic Experiencing

January 23, 2018 | By More

As the New Year comes upon us, we often feel the desire to implement new and improved ways of feeling, thinking, being and/or looking in our bodies and minds. It is challenging to mentally affirm these new ways of being if our energetic, physical and emotional bodies are struggling to work alongside our mind’s expectations. For example, if we aren’t digesting well or therefore thinking clearly; if we have chronic joint, back pain or headaches that limit our activity; if we feel anxious and/or depressed often; if we’re not sleeping well and have little energy; or if we have had various traumas that may show up as any of the above symptoms.

Using our minds to mentally will our bodies into action may occasionally be helpful, yet allowing our body to reset via our 3 brains (head, heart and gut), enables it to heal itself and for changes to be harmonious and sustainable.

BodyTalk energy therapy and Somatic Experiencing (trauma release) therapy, both help the body and mind to integrate energy from past stresses and traumas, which often becomes stuck within the body’s various parts and systems, causing a host of symptoms and eventually disease. Both of these modalities enable emotions, memories, stuck energy to be discharged in order to free up our immune, digestive, endocrine, nervous, somatic, musculoskeletal, etc. systems, so that we can feel increased energy, our innate aliveness, as well as the freedom to choose our responses to life once more.

Jaya Hollohan has uncovered past traumas and stuck energies held in my body for decades and helped them to move out and shift so incredibly quickly. Multiple physical issues that I believed to be chronic and un-fixable have been painlessly cured. I highly recommend experiencing Jaya’s healing sessions. She has helped me to find a version of myself that I didn’t even know existed!

— Rebecca Lantz, Ottawa

Jaya Hollohan will be sharing tools for increased health and awareness from her practices of BodyTalk Energy Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and studies of Eastern spirituality via an evening talk entitled, “Healing Health and Anchoring Wellness” on Thursday, January 25th from 7-8:30pm (by donation), and a one-day workshop on February 11th, 2018 from 10am-6pm (early bird cost: $125 if paid by January 28th or $150). Please RSVP to: to register, receive more info and location information for either/both events. Pls also feel free to visit her website at:

Jaya Hollohan MA is a Certified Advanced Parama BodyTalk Practitioner, Cranial Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Mindfulness Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher and is currently undertaking Peter Levine PhD’s 3 year Somatic Experiencing Professional Training, which assists in trauma resolution. She is Author of the book: “Who We Are When We Thrive: Remembering Happiness and Rediscovering Health”, as well as various guided meditations that are available through her website.

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