Loving Herself …Beyond the Mask of Self Deception

February 14, 2018 | By More

By: Rhonda J. Brioux


One woman stands up,

Stands tall and seeks to see herself,

See her face… bare,

beyond the mask of self deception, she bravely throws upon the floor.

Eyes of blurry beauty glare back from her rare reflection

Still she aches for something more.

Her inner child is crying and needs to be cradled throughout the night.

She soothes her…soothes her with all her heart and soul.

She sings to her…sings lullabies…sweet lullabies with all her might.

She writes, she paints, she prays, she plays, she bathes in water, sun and moonlight.

Time heals… she listens…. she kneels.

Then some divine strength stretches out and pulls her up once more.

She gazes again in the shimmery mirror,

Her hands still shaking in past, her heart still waking in fear.

This time she stares,

Stares so deep…she sees through the veils of vulnerability and the depths of her feminine sensitivity.

The shadows of loss, the memories of her spirit being beaten.

All the sadness that she swallowed and the times she seemed hollowed.

She cleans, she gardens, she cooks and she trusts the instincts she knows….

Still, she falls to her knees yet, again…this time reaching out for a helping hand…

some connection, some light.

New friends appear with a believing mirror…… a Powerful mirror that validates who she truly is.

She sips tea, she shares, she dances, she dreams, collecting her love, and savouring her sight.

Courageous enough to care for herself…to truly fall in love with herself.

One woman stands tall, stands tall and comes to heal herself, heal the world

She comes to see herself, smiling with compassion, calm…. with peace.

Thankful the mask of self deception is gone.



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