Laura’s March 2018 Numerology Forecast

March 1, 2018 | By More

What’s up for you in March according to Numerology?
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Laura’s Numerology Forecast

March 2018

How to calculate your personal monthly number.

Add the day of your birth to the month of your birth.  Then add the number 5 for the current month (yes, this is right).  NOTE – If you’re final number adds up to double digits, add the two numbers together again until you get a single number.  You will read about your number below.  If you still have trouble, email me

NOTE:  This is a general Numerology forecast.  You have many other numbers connected to your name and birthday that will give you a better understanding of what this year will bring you and so much more.  Contact me for a 90 minute personal Numerology consultation if you are at a major crossroad in your life.                


1.  Are you currently in a “wait state” and feel like nothing is happening?  There is a good chance that whatever you are waiting for will become more visible this month and will pull you out this uncomfortable void.  An ideal use of this whole year is to take a sabbatical from your intense work load and personal responsibilities for self healing and education.  I know that this is hard to do, but for you it is mandatory to have more time for self this whole year.  Some might pursue a new job with a learning curve attached to it, in March, which would be an excellent use of this influence.  It is important for you to know that 2018 is a “me” year and not a “we” year, so you really might want to focus on your own needs more than normal.  Start this now, and you will use this month well, and it will set the pace for you for the entire year.  I am sure that you know by this point in the year that you need extra time to repair and refocus yourself.  It is best to not ignore this, now.  Are there new seeds or ideas you can get in the ground and water, right now?  Put a strong effort into staying on top of your very active mind this month as the inner voice tends to be very loud and even irritating when you are in this cycle.  Look for new tools to help you deal with this noise and you will ease through this month.  Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, art, music, etc.  Slow down and be kinder to yourself in March. 


2.   Issues around money or career temporarily slow to a snail’s pace, in March, so relax and stay positive and more important, be very patient.  Do not freak out as this is a temporary influence.  A great use of this month is to focus on your business relationships and take time to develop and nurture potential new ones.  Water new business contacts that you might have connected with in Dec. 2017 or in Feb. 2018.  Remember that, taking a back seat or compromising role can place you in a more powerful position, eventually.  Patience, compromise and cooperation are required a lot more when you are in a 2 month.  Work on developing new business ideas, new partnerships and new projects all year, and you will use 2018 very well.  This is a year to work hard and get a stronger foothold in the material world, so make this your yearlong focus.  This potentially could be a really big harvest year for you if you work hard, stay focused and be very positive.  Keep your vibe up, up, up!


3.  Do not begin any new projects in March.  Get down and dirty and focus on getting rid of anything that belongs in your past history.  How can you start new endeavours if you have old poop on your path, right?  Do you want to trip?  Of course you don’t, so get busy.  If you have completed all your jobs at the office and projects around the house only then can you lighten up and have some fun.  Caution:  I have many clients discover that they are in a pregnant state during this cycle.  It is not mandatory, of course, but this is a very fertile period for seed planting.  If you have lots of unfinished work in front of you, stay focused and get down to business in March and you will use this month very well. You are currently passing through the last year of a nine year chunk of time according to the laws of numerology.  The major influence of this whole year is all about endings and closing doors, so that you can suck up a new and powerful energy that is coming your way as early as October of this year.  Is there anything or anyone that has to go?  Do what you have to do in March, so that you will not repeat history.  You have the entire year to ditch and purge anything that belongs in the past, but the time is ripe for you to get very, very serious and start the process if you have not started it already.  Think garage sale on every level of your life and you will rock in March.


4.  The month of March is all about getting organized and making firm plans for the balance of the year.  You are now laying the foundation for your next 9 year cycle of time, so make sure that it is rock solid.  What is your most important foundation?  It is your health, right?  Don’t forget this or you might get a slap in the back of the head.  If you have neglected this do what you can to catch up with any health issues, now.  Get busy and serious this month and you could see some really big changes or unexpected shifts as early as April.  You are in the first year of a 9 year chunk of time and I cannot stress how important it is to do things differently or do different things, right now.  If you find yourself lost or at a cross-road, it is normal for this influence.  This would be  great time to have a session with me or some other coach that could give you new tools to live this chunk of time differently than you did in the past.  I wonder what this new 9 year cycle will bring to you. Face the facts. Be practical. Put everything in its place. Organize. Clear the decks. Sort it all out, detail by detail and you will be a happy camper by the end of March.  No slacking for you this month. 


5.   Your emotions could be very close to the surface of your skin this month.  I would expect you to feel more sensitive and emotional when you are travelling through this cycle.  This super sensitivity is usually brought on by the people in your life.  It is temporary, so do not be alarmed. You might want to  watch what you say and how you say it as you could get into all kinds of trouble if you are not careful.  Think before you speak in March.  Take an extra yoga, meditation or art class to calm your jumpy nerves.  Make sure that you are well rested and maintained this month.  If these feelings get out of control, go and visit your doctor.  There could be some unexpected changes in your current relationships in March.  If you know that changes are needed in this area then take the reins and initiate the change, now, or you might have a bigger problem that forces you to pay attention to this issue in the near future. Try to be extra diplomatic, considerate, and kind.  If one person in your circle is unhappy, this will affect everyone, including yourself.


6.  Now is the time to get extra motivated and focused on projects and renovation work around the house.  Painting or redecorating your home environment is the perfect use of March.  Your kids, family, or partner will be in your face more, so take a break and have some fun with them if you can.  The best use of March is to fix all things “Domestic”.  This includes mending a broken heart and focusing on the healing from traumatic relationship issues of the recent past.  If you have extra money in March, spend it on healing your broken bits or your broken relationships.  You can also spend it on your home environment or on your family.  Some that are currently in this cycle are planting seeds for a new baby.  If this is you, understand that this is a very fertile period so go hard.  If baby making is not your cup of tea, be very, very careful!!!  Regardless of your age you are in a gestation period, so take care of the baby, which would be, YOU, of course.  This could be a rebirthing period of yourself after a very difficult journey.


7.  You may notice that your mind is extra active and loud in March.  Do what you can to eliminate stress and worries and seek a Zen peaceful mind, regularly.  You will have a need to rest and refuel yourself in March, as this is going to be a very busy year and you may not get another chance to focus on self care and refuelling until the fall.  Your finances, career or investments could be the cause of your internal stresses, so look for a practical solution to this problem.  Things slow down in the material world in March when you are in a 7 month, so use it right and get ready for a faster pace and more opportunities in April.  New opportunities manifest themselves then, so get ready, do some research, and force yourself to be in an expectant and calm state, in the meantime.  If you have neglected your health, make a point of fixing what needs fixing early in the month.  Go to your Doctor for a checkup or have a series of healing therapies.  If you have been planning on implementing a new health discipline in 2018 this is the best month to put in a huge effort and make it rock solid so that it supports you for the year.  Please do not put any health issues on the back burner and ignore them in March. 


8.  Could there be a new job, a promotion or more money in the wind for you?  The cycle is right for all of this, so get excited and keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities.  This is a very busy month in the area of money and career, so do not waste it by taking a vacation.  If you do take a trip it should center on business, money or career advancements.  If you find yourself sitting on the beach read something like  “Investors Journal” or a business self help book.  This is the perfect month to sell yourself, your service or your gizmo, hard.  Throw your hat into the ring and force yourself to be confident and strong.  Fake it until you make it if you have to.  There can be some unstable situations at the office that cause some havoc and force shifts that might create a temporary knot in your forehead.  Change can be a good thing, too, right?   Be determined to break any old patterns of behaviour that have become a burden to yourself or others.  The key word for you for the whole year is “change” and it is amplified in the area of business and money, now.  What needs changing?  In this month of action and high expectation, present yourself with confidence, strength and power and you win!


9.   Domestic situations or relationship dramas are coming to a close for you, in March.  I know that your emotions are a bit raw, but this is normal for the cycle you are currently in.  Try to find an outlet for your emotions or seek advice so that you can move through this easier.  Rest assured that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and next month you will see more of it.  In the meantime eliminate any obstacles that are on your path, so that you do not trip on them later in the year.  This is a month of endings and not beginnings so use it well.  There are usually additional responsibilities for you that are connected to your family or home life.  You are in a “we” year and not a “me” year, so take care of these issues and the people connected to your domestic world, now.  Next year, the focus will be all on you, so you can recharge fully then.  Don’t be afraid of endings. They set you free from the pain of yesterday. It would be best to not deny your feelings about what is ending, also.  






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