Is Yoga from India?

June 14, 2018 | By More

By Ivy Xie-McIsaac

Is Yoga from India? The answer seems obvious. In the yogic culture, Śiva is known as the original Yogi. Śiva lives on Mount Kailās in the Himālaya and mount Kailās is in Tibet! When we see devout Tibetans walking and prostrating all the way from their hometown to their pilgrimage destination, we are not so proud of the accomplishment of 108 times of Sun Salutation.

I am in gratitude to my first Yoga teacher Master Run-Hua Tan (Sri Teri Tan), who had over 70 years experience with Hatha Yoga. Master Tan gave me a grounded understanding of Yoga: Yoga originated in the Himālaya area, not from a single country. Yoga is more than stretch and strength; it’s a way of living. Yoga will help to connect with the power inside. Through in-class and daily life practice, Yoga gives balance to body, mind and spirit.

Travelling to Tibet twice, including once to the Base Camp of Mount Everest was absolutely a life-changing experience for me.  Tibetan people simply live spiritually and appeal to people who are seeking the essence of spirituality.

Training with Katrin and Ravi Ganesh at the Patanjali Yoga Academy helped me to connect Yogic theory and lifestyle. The Patanjali Yoga Academy is associated with Swami Sivananda’s teachings in India. Swami Sivananda simplified yoga practice to five points:

Proper exercise

Proper breathing

Proper diet

Proper relaxation

Positive thinking and meditation

When we sincerely practice, it is true that “Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way.”

Ivy’s geography background and travel have given her a unique perspective. Her book A Complete Yoga Manual is a bridge between east and west, modern and ancient, theory and practice. A Complete Yoga Manual by Ivy Xie-McIsaac is available at Singing Pebble Books.

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