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October 24, 2019 | By More

This is the second of five articles on the principles that shape our beliefs at Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa.  The principles were first written for the Unity movement, but they reflect the laws of the universe. They apply to everyone, all the time. If you also share our beliefs in these universal principles, please come join us.  All are welcome.

Unity Principle #1 states that “God – or All That Is, the Ultimate Reality, the Presence, Spirit, the Universe, the Divine, etc.– is Absolute Good, everywhere present.” The second Principle takes this idea further, stating that we are the expression of the Divine in human form.  Consider the analogy of God as an ocean: Principle #2 says that we are each an individual wave in that ocean. We are not the whole ocean but we are of the same composition and part of the Divine (ocean) flow. And, if the Divine is good, it naturally follows that we too are good.  You. Me. Everyone is good.

Taking it further, if we are expressions of the Divine, then we are, at our core, Divine. Knowing we are Divine is where we can derive comfort, guidance and strength for this human experience.  In The Five Principles, author Ellen Debenport claims that “this is the point of spiritual growth … making decisions from the Higher Self, loving with the unconditional and inexhaustible energy of the Divine, contributing to the well-being of the planet.”  Living from our divinity is to express fully who we really are.  We do not have a soul; we are a soul, a soul with a body and a personality to use in this earthly life to learn and to grow.

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