Interview with Lynne Cardinal:  Part 3

June 10, 2018 | By More

by Stefania Allevato

For over 30 years Lynne Cardinal has been offering stress management, resilience and burnout prevention workshops in the government and private sector. She is a consulting hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in hypnosis innovative techniques and weight loss. She is certified  in Collective and Individual Trauma Work and Communication by Thomas Hübl.

Recently, Lynne chatted with local writer and editor, Stefania Allevato, regarding the benefits of hypnosis and meditation. Below is part 3 of the interview.

… continued:

Q. To end this inspiring conversation I have a few more questions for you. Lynne, what do you call yourself? Your field is vast and seems to include many modalities. Who is Lynne Cardinal and what brought you to offer this service?

A. I call myself a coach and a mentor, using various modalities that I find effective and proven to help (e.g., hypnosis and other efficient and gentle techniques). I also offer relationship guidance and coaching to help my clients move forward. I’m also a group facilitator and I present at conferences in the government and private sector on balancing your life through stress management. As far as who I am, I can remember I was always curious about life, finding the very existence to be embedded in mystery. I couldn’t take anything for granted, the very pulsation of life felt like a miracle. On the other side, the injustices, the pain, some so great that it broke my heart, it made me wonder about the causes and the possible solutions. I also wondered about the passage of time and the inscrutability of death. I sensed that there were unending possibilities in our very consciousness. Since a very young age I began enquiring and I ended up living 15 years in India, learning eastern philosophy, then teaching in the Himalayas. During that time I learned a lot about core philosophies and about myself as it goes hand in hand. There was some good and some serious issues in the institution where I worked and studied so I left in 1998 and continued on in my journey. Nearly paradoxically I also worked in marketing as a director of sales for the eastern region of Canada (in my heart I aimed at an integral awareness). I saw all areas of life as a ground for growth and used it as an opportunity to stretch beyond my own boundaries. I have since taken numerous training opportunities. Intrigued by hypnosis I quickly saw that I could make this great modality mine, understanding it’s principles and seeing how remarkably efficient hypnosis is, especially combined with all other modalities I had learned. Recently, I extensively trained with Thomas Hubl in individual and collective trauma, Dr. Brian Weiss in regression therapy, Diana Martinez in Family Constellation and Healing work, and so many more. People call me when they feel that it would be helpful to be guided, to travel with me for some time on this life journey of theirs. With respect I guide them in the direction of their choice.

Q. Where are your offices?

A. I have two offices located in Hull (Le Portage area) and one in Stittsville. I see clients during the weekdays and Saturdays in Hull and during the weekdays and evenings in Stittsville, according to availability. Interestingly,  I see more and more clients via Zoom or Skype and that is a perfectly adequate option. Internet tools enable me to have clients in the US, and abroad, but also across Canada.

Sessions with Lynne happen on Skype, Zoom, phone or in person in Stittsville, Ontario or Hull, Quebec. To learn more about Lynne please check out, or by email: or call 613.836.2355.

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