Inside Out

September 11, 2019 | By More

Written by Rev. Alexis Nicol

Do you ever get the sense that you are living in an illusion?  Some say that everything we see on the outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside.  Not just our personal inside, but within the collective minds of all peoples.  I lean towards this belief as it gives me a certain amount of responsibility about what’s going on around me.  Usually this concept isn’t too difficult for me to relate to.  Although, I must admit that on occasion I do fall into the illusion’s trap.

When the darkness sneaks in, when the world around me is filled with feelings of anger, pain, sadness, guilt, hopelessness and despair, I feel miserable and blaming.  No matter what the day brings, the world just won’t be a happy place – it could be the weather, an argument, disappointment in someone or something that hasn’t gone according to my ego’s lovely will.  Sometimes it can be difficult to admit that I’m still holding onto past stories or succumbing to toxic news poisoning my mind.  

Thankfully, I have discovered that I have a choice; I can let it consume me or invite it to guide me to the part of my being beseeching attention and healing.

It feels satisfying to acknowledge the life I have created and take responsibility for both, the good and troubling times.  Happily, for the most part I see peace, beauty, joy and calmness.  

If this belief has any truth, then perhaps by taking a little time to check what our surroundings are telling us we’ll have another amazing tool for improving our life.  We can use this awareness for spiritual growth.  We can work on cleaning up the parts that causes us unease and that we don’t like in our lives.  Thus, enabling us to create and reflect outwardly what we’ve kept hidden and protected within and let the light and beauty we have shine out.

If we all made the necessary changes for the better what a heavenly Earth, we would share.

Alexis believes in a Wholistic Metaphysical approach to healing mind, body and soul.  She combines natural healing modalities in her practice.   613-263-7925

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