I AM knowing myself deeply

March 9, 2018 | By More

by Amâeil
Healing with Divine heart to awaken the deep truth within.

It feels true to me that every person right now is being asked to step up and be more spiritually diligent to bring their field into greater unification with Source and the natural laws.

Each person, whether new seeker or seasoned, has had to awaken to a deep truth: “I’m responsible for myself, and whatever it takes to feel Light, to be Light, and shine Light is totally up to me.”

Life can feel very effortful if you recognize that what you’re living is not exactly serving you, but you’re not taking the time to ask yourself what needs to change. Instead a quasi-review leaves you hoping for the best. This is somewhat understandable because the negative controllers’ agenda is to wear humanity down with daily life demands, so that there’s no room for reflection, soul connection, possibilities, or seeing ourselves in truth. While it can be unsettling and even daunting to think of how much lies before you to heal, remember that your foundation is your ever-accessible Divine connection. To continue to entangle yourself in ego’s version of who you are will never help you to grow. So always connect with your Higher Self and offer up inquiry from your sincere heart. See what comes back to guide you. What you don’t like in your life, heal. What you already love, love more deeply.

To know yourself is a cornerstone of a stable foundation and strong core. It means knowing your heart, character strengths and skills, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, your fears, and the threshold of your comfort zone. This requires deeper self-reflection, self-honesty and a willingness to listen. Now.

To move into the next phase of your Highest Expression, ask yourself:

• What would create the most positive change for me in my consciousness expansion now?

• What would bring me into deeper truth with myself now?

• What would open my heart to myself now?

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