Happy 5th Birthday, Holy Fire Reiki

March 25, 2019 | By More

Welcome, Holy Fire III

Holy Fire Reiki has been growing fast since its birth five years ago. From Holy Fire in 2014 to Holy Fire II in 2015, we now have its latest manifestation – Holy Fire III – in 2018.

Reiki is an ancient healing modality, but we are aware of its evolution only since Mikao Usui brought Usui Reiki to Japan and Hawayo Takata brought it to North America. In the past 100 years we have seen many changes in Reiki: among them we’ve had symbols added, hand placements delineated, the balancing of chakras now an integral part of a healing treatment, and the introduction of Karuna Reiki. These changes show us that Reiki is a growing, evolving healing modality.

Holy Fire Reiki comes to us at a time of great transformation. Our vibration is increasing and becoming more refined. Time seems to move faster as we become more in tune with the energetic world of quantum physics, where healing can happen in an instant. Understanding who we are has moved from the psychological realm to the energetic where we can heal on many levels (physically, emotionally, meantally and spiritually), sometimes all at once. We live in this glorious age of energy healing and as our consciousness rises, we are able to heal ever more deeply and quickly. Enter Holy Fire Reiki five years ago. It is through William Lee Rand of The International Center for Reiki Training that Holy Fire presented itself. You can read about him and about Holy Fire at reiki.org. I was fortunate in 2015 to do my Holy Fire Master training with Rand in Glastonbury and my Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master training with him in Michigan. I have done my upgrade to Holy Fire III, and will be doing the full Master’s course in Jerusalem at the end of April. I haven’t really had a choice about these courses: they appear, somehow the money shows up, and I go. As a teacher, I am happy to bring my students the latest developments in this exciting and beautiful evolution of Reiki that is happening for us now.

In my opinion the most profound shift from pre-Holy Fire to Holy Fire Reiki is that it has moved from the level of Soul to the level of Spirit. Many people use these terms, Soul and Spirit, interchangeably.  Holy Fire sees the Soul as the sum total of all our experiences and our interpretations of those experiences, of our emotions and thoughts, from past lives and this life. It is a place of Divine Grace and ego/shadow parts: it changes as we change. Spirit, unlike Soul, is our direct, undiluted communication with what Holy Fire terms the Third Heaven, the place of Spirit, of Love, of Divine Beings who are beyond ego and who exist only to help us to grow and heal. As our Spirit is more and more in contact with the Divine, it teaches and heals the Soul. Holy Fire works at the level of Spirit, bringing us to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

In the Holy Fire Reiki class, one of the results of this direct access to the Divine is that “the teacher gets out of the way.” In earlier Reiki, the Reiki was activated in students by means of Attunements: teachers would place their hands on the students and would move around them; that is, teachers with their energy, thoughts, and ego would be in the students’ energetic space. In Holy Fire, rather than Attunements we have Placements: teachers are seated away from students and the Holy Fire energy comes directly to the students. In like manner, guided meditations have been replaced with Experiences, again where the energy acts on students individually, giving them whatever they specifically need.

As early as 2015, Rand sensed that the Third Heaven was much larger than he or anyone was able to comprehend. Enter Holy Fire III in 2018, and we have been given access to the Fourth through Twelfth Heavens, a path that offers higher and higher levels of vibration that lead us to knowing and living Unity Consciousness.

There is much to be said about Holy Fire III. What stands out for me and what I find so thrilling is that it takes us on the journey of healing our ego as it guides us to recover our Authentic Self. In Holy Fire, the ego is not something that we need to overcome or set aside in order to evolve spiritually; it is an integral part of ourselves. We learn that it has a Divine Nature and that is has a part to play in healing ourselves and the planet. It roots us in the here and now so that we can embody and manifest Divine consciousness.

Our Authentic Self existed at the time of our birth when we were in direct connection with the Divine. Having to adapt to the expectations and beliefs surrounding us as we grow up means having to repress many of our authentic emotions and qualities. They lie dormant until Holy Fire III energy uncovers them and they are newly revealed to us. We come to know ourselves again as the Divine beings that we are and always were. Truly, we attain Heaven on Earth, and thus bring Heaven to Earth.

As Rand says, often people struggle to know their path, to achieve their purpose, but that’s not the way of Holy Fire III. Its energy opens the way, clearing away obstacles and difficulties. Our life becomes easy and enjoyable.

If you are interested in exploring Holy Fire III Reiki in a treatment, in a class, or in an upgrade, please contact me.

Martha St. Pierre is a former secondary-school teacher who retired early in order to practise and teach Reiki. You can reach her at 613-422-7286, ladymjs50@hotmail.com or through her website www.holyfirereikiottawa.ca

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