Group Counselling Services

December 19, 2017 | By More

Ongoing Group Counselling and Workshops

Self Awareness • Self Knowledge • Self Confidence

Take time out for your yourself away from the hectic pace of life; the constant external demands and expectations.

Nourish yourself in a safe space with time to go inward and pay attention to your inner being.

Remember Yourself • Rediscover Yourself • Re-energize Yourself

External change begins with an internal shift in consciousness.

My group workshops offer a philosophical approach and practical methods and skills anyone can use to create internal harmony, peace and well-being.

Self-knowledge, understanding and acceptance provide the inner foundation from which we can all consciously help create an inclusive and harmonious society of individuals who are a meaningful part of the whole.

Self acceptance allows us to accept others without fear. We model and teach who we are. Comfortable in our own uniqueness we are able to grow stronger together.; 613.421.9277;

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