Grieving our Losses and Humanity’s Fall

March 21, 2019 | By More

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)

When we experience a profound loss, we naturally move through a grieving process. If we consciously allow this, it serves as a sacred container for honouring our painful emotions, and eventually reaching acceptance. There’s great freedom in respecting this journey of healing. Even when it upends our lives to create disorientation, stir inner conflict, or question who we thought we were, we find ourselves re-emerging through its higher purpose – a new sense of self that is more aligned with our true Spirit.

However, our pain of loss can trigger unhealed wounds from other losses in this lifetime or other dimensional traumas. Our personal grief is threaded together in our microcosmic to macrocosmic relationship with the collective and planetary grief. Our emotions can arise from specific traumatic historical events such as the Atlantian flood, or the genocide of Christ family members. Our most profound loss, recorded in everyone’s cellular memory, is the fall of humanity’s consciousness from the Lyran wars. Grief from our multi-dimensional traumas can intensify our current pain of loss, creating vague and confusing feelings.

Therefore, as we awaken, it’s important to discern from where our pain is sourcing. What is the feeling attached to? It’s our responsibility to heal all our wounds, recent and ancient. When old emotions and their memories surface it’s so that we may integrate these aspects of our consciousness into the wholeness of our Divine Self and expand our Light. 

Grieving can be a gift for it’s an invitation to courageously open our hearts in trust to the God Within. It’s always a choice for freedom.

This article is a very brief excerpt from a detailed article discussing humanity’s fallen consciousness and offering many helpful suggestions and tools for managing your grief. Read it on my blog at If you need help to release any trauma or emotional pain, I can meet you in your personal need with compassionate support. 18 yrs. experience: intuitive energy education, counselling, healing & multi-dimensional ascension clearing. Appointments in person or by skype/phone 613-253-2888.

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