Freedom from Self-Punishment

September 20, 2017 | By More

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)
Healing with Divine heart to awaken the deep truth within.

The healing journey requires self-responsible self-honesty. “Do I punish myself?” may not be an easy inquiry, but it can free us.

Self-punishment can be considered to be conscious intentional self-harm, but its driving force is in the subconscious ego personality – the emotional pain and mental body programs that cause us to act in unkind ways.

Self-punishment can be an active form of aggression such as cutting or hitting. It’s also expressed in the many ways that we can deny ourselves joy and inner peace, such as berating self-criticism, or avoiding self-supportive spiritual practices. Sometimes it’s carried over from experiences in other lives: we may have made a decision that caused many deaths, so we commit to ourselves to pay for our misdeeds.

There are essentially two core reasons that we punish ourselves; feeling guilty for something that we have done that we know we should not have, or shame for who we are. These can feed each other: guilt can lead to a core negative self-perception, and in turn, we are apt to act in ways that devalue ourselves.

Without healing the mental bondage memories from past traumas, we can attach to pain, suffering, disconnection, or victim consciousness. For example, one of my clients was forced to kill a person in a previous life, and while she too was a victim, her inability to forgive herself manifested as extensive physical pain in this incarnation. Then negative forces can continually enslave and parasitize our energy.

Keeping our pain is not required to learn from our experiences, it only contracts us. Placing restrictions on our joy now doesn’t balance the past, it tethers us to it.  However, choosing to heal with self-forgiveness is the refusal to punish ourselves further. Only the loving God Within can free us.

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