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By Germaine De Peralta

It’s a brand-new year and there’s nothing like forgiving people or situations that have hurt us so we can move forward quickly into the New Year! 

Should we forgive and forget? If someone has committed a small offense, forgetting might be the right thing to do. However, if it’s a large offense and it’s been more than a year and you’re still angry, you may want to consider the option of forgiveness. After all, when you hold in anger for a long time, it’s like swallowing poison. 

Forgiveness means releasing that red-hot coal of anger and hurt inside you and all the other layers of negative emotions that usually lie beneath anger.  But forgiveness does not necessarily mean “forgetting.” To forget can be irresponsible. For example, if a friend continues with bad behaviour, forgetting would be irresponsible. You may forgive but don’t forget. 

To forgive does not mean going into denial either. For example, if you are in a relationship with a serial cheater or abuser, if you consistently “forgive and forget” you are reinforcing bad behaviour.  By all means forgive but don’t forget! When you don’t forget, you are setting boundaries. Boundaries can be a great expression of self-love and love for the other. Sometimes having strong boundaries can even mean ending the relationship. “I forgive you but I will not allow you to abuse me anymore and I will do this by leaving this relationship.” 

Forgiveness also equals understanding. Once we understand a situation, we are also able to let go and forgive. Often, pain can be due to a lack of understanding and awareness of a situation as a whole. 

Here is a forgiveness technique you can use if someone has angered or hurt you: 

Think about what you are angry about and why. Don’t be afraid to look within.  

Write a letter of anger. Express all the anger you want. Let it rip. Then set the letter aside. (Don’t send it to the person you are angry at). 

After some time, read the letter of anger out loud with a full voice in an empty room or a forest where nobody can hear you. Shout as loud as you need to. The point is to release your anger.  

Read your letter of anger to a therapist, your best friend or someone you trust so they can witness your anger or hurt.

Once your feelings are all out and you’ve decided to forgive the person repeat this process.

Think about what or who you are forgiving and what lesson this has taught you or the understanding you have gained. Once negative emotions are out of your system and you’ve had a good cry, pearls of wisdom often float to the surface. 

Write about it.

Read the letter out loud in an empty room or in the forest. 

Read it aloud to a therapist, your best friend or a trusted companion as witness.

Bid this incident good-bye with a ceremony and offer a prayer of gratitude for the lesson learned. Open your heart once again to receive blessings and other positive emotions.  

Once you have forgiven you will free lighter and you will feel freedom. 

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