Fast recovery from Post Concussion Syndrome

November 9, 2019 | By More

By Kerstin Khan, Naturopath and Homeopath at the Ottawa Gatineau Homeopathy Clinic.

A student came to the practice complaining about loss of focus, lack of endurance, anxiety and mood swings. These symptoms had started to develop 5 weeks prior, after bumping her head against the metal frame of a bed. The immediate impact was not felt right away, but the next day she woke up with nausea and she vomited. Headaches ensued and the capacity to process information and cope with daily life started to decrease over the next few weeks:

”I have to do a lot of reading, but my potential of reading has grown less than before and it is growing worse every day. When it is time to concentrate I can’t be there. When someone tells me to do this or that I forget about it. And I can only read a short period of time. 

I have grown sensitive to lights and sounds and prefer to stay in a dark room at times. For weeks after the concussion, I did not go to school and just spent time in bed. Also, I have a lot of anxiety which uses up my energy and burns me constantly.”

In such cases, homeopathy offers natural remedies that speed up the healing dramatically after head and brain injury. My patient received a potentized mineral salt, Natrium sulphuricum 30 C. The first few times she took it, she developed a slightly stronger headache, but felt each time a bit better afterwards. This is a typical healing reaction.

In a follow-up I had with her 3 months later, she came with a big smile. The post concussion symptoms felt like a condition from way back in the past. She had completely recovered. In less than 2 weeks after taking the first dose, her headaches, sensitivity and anxiety were gone and her health was fully restored!

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