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Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting

If you would love to look younger and feel rejuvenated, you will love this new. Pamper yourself, and De-Stress.
Japanese Cosmo Lifting Massage is a natural face-lift an alternative to surgery. 

Upcoming Dates

OCT 18

Fri 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

OCT 19

Sat 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM



1136 Tighe Street, Ottawa, ON 

Price: $69 Inclusive

Carol is a Certified Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting Therapist, trained and certified by Lone Sorensen from Barcelona, Spain.

This massage is a combination of different Facial Reflexology techniques to affect the face from within as well as from without and is certified in The Sorensensistem™ technique. A natural, relaxing, and non-surgical face lifting method developed by Lone Sorensen a renowned reflexologist, from Barcelona. 

Our face reflects our state of health. By stimulating certain acupressure points and reflex areas and by working the facial muscles with continuous lymphatic drainage, which is the key point in the treatment, it is possible to improve your facial appearance.

Why Would You Enjoy This Therapy?

♥ Stimulates facial nerves and production of collagen and elastin 
♥ Reduces wrinkles 
♥ Improves skin and muscle tone 
♥ Refreshes skin 
♥ Eliminates toxins 
♥ Balances body functions
♥ Relaxes the body 
♥ Rejuvenates the face 

Appointments will be booked on First Come, First Serve basis as this unique relaxation facial massage sells out fast.

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Contact Carol 519-709-5688 – phone 

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Payment is due upon booking.

How to Prepare for Your Treatment

The treatment is approximately 40-45 minutes of working on the face muscles. 
Please arrive 10 minutes prior so we can go over your forms etc.

♥ Please Remove all jewelry, and contact lenses, due to working around the eyes
♥ Please come with a clean face (no make-up) 
♥ Please wear a tank top or slightly scooped/low neck top so the therapist has access to acupressure points around the clavicle/collarbone to assist lymphatic drainage. 

Thank You, 
Looking Forward to Meeting You All

Warm regards, Carole