Energy Therapy, Trauma Integration & Neuroplasticity Workshop: Heal Your Nervous Systems, Heal Your Life

April 22, 2019 | By More

It’s that time again. Time to tune up by tuning into your body, listening to it, feeling it, tracking and integrating its sensations, as well as rethinking and re-feeling what the mind tells you so that all of you can become free again.  

Jaya Hollohan will be sharing some of the principles and tools from energy and trauma integration therapy, particularly the BodyTalk System and Somatic Experiencing, to help us to rewire our nervous systems, as well as other parts and systems, in ways that will transform your experience of your life. 

Jaya will also share the principles of neuroplasticity and offer practices, similar to the latter two modalities, which encourage us to heal at the deep cellular and nervous system levels. Neuroplasticity makes this possible by having us cultivate new thoughts, emotions, and experiences that when practiced, will integrate as chemical and physical changes within our various brains.  

Join Jaya at her one-day transformational workshop and learn how to:

Use the principles and practices of BodyTalk energy therapy and Somatic Experiencing trauma integration therapy, to help you to understand how energy influences your health and how to give yourself a mini healing session.

Identify and shift the energetic roots of existing mental, emotional patterns to change their effect on your overall health.

Track and integrate bodily sensations that relate to bound survival energy from past thwarted fight, flight or freeze responses.

Use practical tools to calm, ground and rewire your nervous system and guide it to self-regulate more effectively.

Use principles and practices from scientific research on neuroplasticity and quantum physics to begin to change your thoughts, emotions, and related habitual behaviours, that when applied, will enable you to lead a more creative, joyful and peaceful life.

Once you learn how to master and command the energy and matter of your body, your whole life will begin to revolutionize itself. Now is the time to thrive.

Jaya will be offering this workshop on Sunday, April 28th, 2019 from 10am-6pm in Centretown, Ottawa. Cost is $250 (or early bird $200 until April 7th). Please RSVP to: to register and/or feel free to visit: and click on ‘Events’ for more information or to register. 

Jaya Hollohan MA is a Certified Advanced Parama BodyTalk Practitioner, Cranial Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Mindfulness Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher and is currently undertaking Peter Levine PhD’s 3 year Somatic Experiencing Professional Training, which assists in trauma resolution. She has been working in the healing field for over 10 years and has a very busy energy therapy practice in Ottawa and Gatineau. Jaya is Author of the book: “Who We Are When We Thrive: Remembering Happiness and Rediscovering Health”.

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