Energy Balancing Exchange Event

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2nd Fridays

Planet Botanix, 301 Bank St.

Friday, January 11th, 2019

Linda Comeau

Systemic Knowledge Consultant

Discover new possibilities for the resolution of complex situations, personal or professional.

Summarizing the journey

Through a workshop in early 2014, Linda discovered a previously hidden traumatic family secret that changed her perspective in every aspect of Linda’s and her siblings lives. Once the secret was known, many transformations took place and healed the wound left by the secret. Seeing and feeling the resolution had Linda immediately start studying full time and was certified by The Bert Hellinger Institute of the Netherlands and the International Institute for Integrative System Dynamics.

Listing the topics

• Identifying the dynamics at play in the system of relationships

• Learn how healing the Family Soul transforms every member

• Connect the symptoms to the real source of issues

Describing the benefits

A shift (and possible resolution) of the dysfunctional conditions that cause 70-80% of problems, conflicts and challenges in their lives.

Following the introduction we will actually explore and resolve as many participants’ issues as possible. There is minimum disclosure.  Some possible issue goals may be:

• Transform dysfunctional conditions (lack of willpower, time management, addictions, irrational fears, etc.)

• Make better decisions, Test choices, Find alternatives

• Reduce stress, procrastination or frustration

• End inner struggles, patterns or habits 

• Renovate relationships 

Sharing take-a-ways

Participants will realize the possibility of resolving issues quickly using Systemic Knowledge, end the cycle of the issue so that descendants won’t be tormented by the same issues and transpose the negatives into resources that support prosperity.

EnergyBEE Schedule 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Gathering at back of store in teaching space WELCOMING WORDS. Honour Fee: $10 or more; CONTRIBUTE WHAT YOU CAN. Net proceeds go to for First Nations & Allies initiatives to restore the Ottawa River Watershed


Guest Presenter

6:45 PM

Circle introductions: 1) name, 2) your intention for this evening

7:00 PM

SHANGHAI RESTAURANT Veggie SNACKS!  networking 30 minutes

7:30 PM

Start of Energy Balancing Exchanges/Integration Conversations. 10-15 minutes each giving, or receiving,  multi-lateral, bi-lateral

8:15 PM

Closing Circle 


Parking options: street parking opposite 318 Bank Royal Oak after 5:30pm is free. 296 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1X8 Massine’s has 5$ parking Fri 5 to 9pm

All participants abide by the Code of Conduct to ensure a safe environment, honouring free will & personal self-determination. For serious conditions consult a licensed medical professional.

For 2019 please opt in to distribution  list by putting “subscribe” in the subject line to &  recommend guest presenters you would like to see present

MT … Martee [ThOMus] TegTmeyer, is the founder of the monthly gathering, originally called the “Self-Care Energy Balance Exchange” (1998), which morphed into “Energy Balance Exchange” and now has become:  Energy Balancing Exchange Event (EnergyBEE) for holistic health modalities  

Your host Martee ( has Ottawa office hours 10:30AM to 5:30PM for chronic pain/stress/trauma management on the Sat. following the event, also @ Planet Botanix  

Text/Voice 613.769.5575 email:

For more information call 613.769.5575 & email

Sponsors and Supporters

Tone Magazine sponsors the advertising of this community-building and consciousness-raising gathering in the Ottawa River watershed. 

Other gathering sponsors are:  EMF FreeZone; Shanghai Restaurant; Holistic Integrative Arts (HIA), Ultimate Wellbeing EDUCATiON (U_WE), & longstanding supporters, Ruby Hair Studio

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