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August 15, 2019 | By More

How to stop the destruction of the environment.

John Cingolweendaba Lockley, traditional healer and African shaman from Nelson Mandela’s tribe the Xhosa nation, returns to Montreal after his book launch, ‘Leopard Warrior’ last year. 

Southern Africa is experiencing poaching on an unprecedented level, with animals like the Rhino being threatened with extinction, new solutions are being sought to preserve not only the African wilderness but the entire planet. 

John brings wilderness teachings based on one of the oldest shamanic cultures in the world, the sangoma people from Southern Africa. He calls his teachings the ‘Way of the Leopard’ and involve  teaching the modern person indigenous technology and how they can connect to their natural intuition, their wildness, and in so doing reconnect with their humanity. Lockley says, “when people are connected to their spirits then their life purpose becomes clear and they act in more altruistic ways to help rather than hinder life on earth”.

A key question posed by environmentalists is how to stop poaching and bring more awareness about the fragility of the environment. 

What is clear is that wilderness areas around the planet are shrinking at an alarming rate.  As a traditional African healer/ shaman trained in the old ways John teaches people how to reconnect to their inner wilderness; their dreams, ancestors and Soul. His ceremonies and talks are a magical journey to a forgotten world filled with stories, drumming, African chanting and techniques to help the modern person remember how to turn on their intuition, and like the leopard commune in harmony with nature. 

John’s new project involves a retreat in the Kalahari desert next year called ‘Dreaming & Tracking’ in the Kalahari. His guests will be Khoi-San/ Bushmen elders. People will learn how to Dream and connect to their Ancestors, as well as animal communication skills and the language of birds. 

Lockley believes that the key to our collective human survival involves learning indigenous skills so we can learn to commune in harmony with nature rather than plunder her scarce resources. 

He has a vision of ancient and modern man sitting around a fire re-visioning our future. His retreat next year in the Kalahari will be the first of it’s kind and he hopes will spread a message of hope.

Miria Baliddawa

Shamanic practitioner/chamanisme


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