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March 21, 2019 | By More

If you wish to experience ongoing Ageless-ness throughout your life you need to start now…RIGHT NOW! 

To achieve your optimal level of life experience as you get older requires lifestyle transformation that will touch every aspect of your life so you are not merely existing but rather thriving beyond belief. Lifestyle transformation, which can begin for everyone no matter what ‘age’ you are, can achieve:

Weight-loss that endures;

a healthy micro-biome–a gut that functions as it is intended to;

elimination of chronic inflammation caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD);

reduction of (and possibly the healing of) chronic diseases caused by chronic inflammation;

noticeable increase of energy (healthy functioning of mitochondria);

improved brain function;

ability to leverage the amazing neuro-plasticity of the brain;

a resilient body and a resourceful mind;

relief from cravings especially for sugar and grain carbs;

and other more subtle improvements in whole body functioning.

This lifestyle transformation requires a four-fold adaptation of how you are currently living your life and is based on:

Food      Fitness     Flow      Fun

If you think of these four elements as a stack, Food is the foundation. Fitness, Flow and Fun are equally enabled and supported by a healthy body that is fueled by the life- enhancing nutrition and nourishment you provide it. And each is crucial to the level of age-lessness you can achieve.

It’s not that one of these elements is more important than the others. Rather that, if you commit to Fitness, Flow and Fun without first undertaking nutritional transformation (eliminating the Standard American Diet or SAD) you will not achieve much of the outcomes mentioned above. This is because whole, natural food is the foundation fuel that feeds all aspects of the incomparably complex system of systems that is your human body. This is what dictates whether you are fully healthy and full of energy or not. 

So, what is SAD actually? SAD which evolved in the 1960’s refers to the current diet preferred by most North Americans and involves purchasing the bulk of foodstuffs from the middle aisles of your supermarket. Most of these so-called foods are highly processed non-real foods that have few if any ingredients that nurture your body and many ingredients that your body does not recognize as nutrients. Nutrients are the ‘stuff’ in healthy food that your body can break down into the essential vitamins and minerals your complex system demands for high performance functioning. 

To shift from SAD to a much more healthful lifestyle does require some serious research and some initially challenging behaviour change in habits. The first of these which for most of us is the hardest is giving up sugar; the second is figuring out your relationship with gluten. 

It took me a long time to give up sugar…that was a factor of my obsession with sweets and the demands of my school aged children who took lunches to school. However when I finally got off sugar, I felt much better especially emotionally and I found helpful alternatives which made my kids happy too. 

Gluten freedom came much later for me. I was older, children free,  and experiencing weight gain and gut/stomach problems. Over several  months I accumulated a great deal of information and as a result of this information I gave up all gluten fairly quickly. Yes, that was very hard but worth it because I experienced some significant relief from symptoms.

However I wanted MORE! 

That led to a number of years of intense research and an incredible lifestyle change so that I can now, at the age of 74, live the life I want full of energy, passion, contentment (much of the time!) and profound fulfillment. I also believe this ‘third stage of life’ is my time to flourish, grow, share and contribute…and I have the will, desire and stamina to do so.

I can say with total honesty: I have never felt as good in this body as I do now and it is breathtaking to live this way!

You too can have this experience of life if you wish it…your journey will involve similar  explorations as mine but follow a different path and process because you and your body/mind/spirit are totally different from me and mine. I have designed a Lifestyle Transformation Fun-Shop where I share all my research, my experiences, the food lifestyle options I believe to be most helpful. The fun-shop will also provide each of you with a framework for creating a lifestyle transformation that is unique to you and achieves the health, vigour and energy that you desire.

In the fun-shop you will have an opportunity to share your hopes, dreams and desires as well as concerns, worries, and fears. As well, you will delve into Food, Fitness, Flow and Fun from your own perspective and get new ideas from others. This will help you initiate and guide your process of transformation as well as support you through the ups and downs that come naturally with change.

Please join me if you are interested. See below for details.

Age-less Fun Shop: April 6-7, 2019

10:00 am-4:00 pm 

$99 includes 1 free private coaching session (1 hour)

Register early as there is limited space available.

For more information

and registration details, 

please contact me:

Sylvia Laale
613 599-3846

Two References:

If you want to know more about how SAD evolved, check out the book, The Hacking of the American Mind: The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of our Bodies and Brains, by Robert Lustig.

For information on gluten, I recommend the first book I read and was galvanized by: Grain Brain by Dr David Perlmutter.

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