Do You Want a Balanced 2018 and Beyond?

January 22, 2018 | By More

We are being blasted with more and more EMF Pollution (Electrical Magnetic Frequencies). To name a few: smart meters on our homes, Wi-Fi in our schools, antennas on top of all our apartments, cellphone towers in our city’s and parks, power towers in public school parking lot (1300 Kitchener Ave.), everybody on their iPhones in the buses on the way to and from work.

Check out TAKE BACK YOUR POWER by Josh De Sol to find out how smart meters are slowly killing us.

Peter Webb from Kemptville has developed over 30 years, a Electro Magnetic System that has balanced homes, farms and businesses all over North America with great success.

Magnetic fields flow across the surface of the earth and attach themselves to electrical wiring, water pipes and steel beams in our living and working spaces.

These fields act as carriers for electrical, chemical, and other toxins stored in our environment. These pollutants are carried to the cellular level therefore causing fatigue.

The 60 cycles of electricity inhibit the pituitary gland affecting the bodies ability to release hormones such as Melatonin that helps us to sleep more deeply without the release of melatonin, out sleep patterns are interrupted.

How does the balancing system work?

The clay in the bottom and on the top and the crystals in the middle draw in magnetic fields and send them out of a balanced state that benefits the immune system, therefore improving sleep and energy systems.

Two units are required to balance a living or working quarters. One unit must be placed on or near the electrical panel, the second unit at the other end of your location. More balancers are required for a larger location (school, car dealerships, farms).

Check out Revitalizer (Black Box) at  CLONING NATURE

Special Water Treatment System for homes with energy balls and one filter $1700, installed

Our EMF Balance Package: 2 home balancers, 1 car balancer, 1 Gold Energy Card with Zero Point Energy with Heart Reg. $575, now $450.;; 613-842-4758

Energy Exchange Presentation first Friday of every month at the Ottawa Citizen Bldg. behind Ikea, 7:00 pm (by donation). Hall is balanced for the evening come out and feel the difference.


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