Do Meridians Exist?

August 8, 2018 | By More

By Ivy Xie-McIsaac

The meridian is a concept used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Meridians are channels for life-energy (Qi) to flow. Some modern scientists doubt the existence of meridians.

We say the sun moves from rising to setting even though actually the earth rotates and orbits around the sun. The orbits are for tracing and describe the movement of the sun and the earth and their relationship. Anyone who is looking for a physical track of the orbit is regarded as ignorant. Similarly, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are for tracing and describe the flow of life-energy and the relationship between energy and the physical body, and the relationship between organs. The physical existence of meridians cannot be found in the body as the orbits of the Earth cannot be seen in the sky.

Yin Yoga derives from the Tao, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga. It is a style of Yoga that is used to connect and balance the external environment and the inner world of the Self. Practicing Yin Yoga helps us discover a lifestyle that allows our Self to flow with the rhythm of nature and find a natural way to maintain a happy, wholesome and holistic life for the long term.

Wishingtree Yoga Yin Yoga Teacher Training is not only for one who would like to be a teacher, but is also suitable for anyone who would like to:

Understand the function of the internal organs and how Yin Yoga practice will affect these organs.

Understand emotions and the relationships between emotions and the internal organs, and what the Yoga and Tao perspectives are with regard to these relationships.

Learn basic TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory that can be applied to daily life.

Experience and apply Yin Yoga posture sequences for different seasons and the related TCM background.

Acupuncture training from The Training Centre of Guangzhou Medical College, China has given me a grounded comprehension of Tradition Chinese Medicine. Over 20 years of Yoga practice and learning from various experienced teachers has given me an extensive understanding of Yoga. May we walk on the journey for health and happiness together.

Ivy’s geography background and travel have given her a unique perspective. Her book A Complete Yoga Manual is a bridge between east and west, modern and ancient, theory and practice. A Complete Yoga Manual by Ivy Xie-McIsaac is available at Singing Pebble Books.

For more information please visit or contact Wishingtree Yoga at

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