Divine Presence

July 25, 2018 | By More

Channelled by Lisa Virtue


What is Divine Presence? Is it how you feel? Is it what is said, expressed or communicated in some way? A sense or a feeling perhaps? How is one to know Divine Presence, to distinguish it from other?

These questions have been asked by many spiritual seekers through the eons. The beginning, or perhaps it’s truly the ending, is, “Who am I?” In becoming more acutely aware of how you feel as who you are, you establish a baseline of comparison. If you are expanding in to the field of communication with other lifeforms, other energy beings, then you will more clearly ascribe attributes as “other” in comparison to your own, well-understood sense of self. This leads to greater clarity not only in communication, but in discernment when picking up on the energies present around you.

This is helpful for life in the duality perspective. Choosing to distinguish what is truly yours versus the energy being generated by someone near you can save much confusion. Yet Divine Presence is ultimately a state beyond duality. So why then is it even worth mentioning?

There is a sense within you of something better, beyond, or more than you sense yourself as now. Longing calls to you. The longing stems from the growing clarity within you, the growing connection to your divine self. As the veil lessens, the sensing of the closeness of “the answer” becomes even stronger.

That which you seek can be labelled “Divine Presence.” All is unified in the Divine. Dualism is but a state of mind, a temporary thought pattern. Divine Presence in much of history is attributed to a single deity held in a framework understood by mankind. Yet here we are, down the road, still searching.

The answer, ultimately, is that you truly are Divine Presence. Everything surrounding you is part of Divine Presence. Relax the hold that constructs of your society have upon your mind, your discernment and your thinking patterns. This will aid in easing you in to the relaxed knowing, or remembering, of what is felt at a level inside you that has been a wisp until now. The time now is chosen for you to grab hold of the wisp in your focus. To alter your focus to highlight the inner aspect. Choose to sense, interpret, feel and know through the lens of the inner self. Your decision to do so allows the hold of that which confronts you daily as fearfully real, to lose its grip and start to fade. Soon you begin to filter your perceptions through the new lens of Self.

What this means is a new era for you and those in your perception. Trust and have faith that the inner presence is the Divine Presence that is you, broaching in to this dream you are having to aid, as you have called on it to. Bringing you slowly back to the awareness of your true Self. Bringing forth a more satisfying “lucid dream” as you make your way eventually to return to full consciousness in your true, divine self – Source.

Fear not. It is you who answers your call. It is you who creates. With love. Always.

Graciously awaiting your return to consciousness,

Your Own Beingness.

I will be lifting my roots from Ottawa in August to embrace being a mobile, global citizen. First stop is Costa Rica. I’m so excited that there is a whale sanctuary nearby with a festival in September. If you would like to come and partake we can create a full retreat. Simply email your interest.

I will make periodic visits to Ottawa to offer healing, channeling, events and workshops. While elsewhere, sessions can be done via phone, internet, or distance. In person sessions are now available until the end of July. Channelled articles will be available on my website’s blog.

…Always together in Spirit… See you soon… Namasté. 


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