Diagnosis and Treatment Planning For Good Oral Health

September 9, 2019 | By More


Our priority when we first see you is to do an oral cancer exam. We scan with our eyes and our new velscope  or “Identafi” early cancer prevention Laser tool. Then we palpate with our fingers for “lumps and bumps”.

Biologic dentistry is:  

Getting your upper jaw widened to support good nose breathing

Getting your ph and probiotics, enzymes and trace minerals right, and eating the proper antioxidant foods  

Getting your bite right so your jaw joints are happy campers because they are the two most important joints in the human body 

Getting your gums corrected by eliminating infection and inflammation

Getting your jaw joint functioning in only one arc of suspension away from the head so that your head and neck posture will be correct.

Do the right home care with a water pik and brush with coconut oil at night. In the morning brush with baking soda.

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