Dentistry’s a Game

August 2, 2018 | By More

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Part 2


By Dr. George Paul Greenacre


3) Nextis AIRWAYS.

Our lives are framed between our first breath and our last breath and in between, we are not supposed to snore, snort or have sleep apnea. Why do so many people snore? BECAUSE FACES ARE SHRINKING AND OUR AIRWAYS ARE SHRINKING! This is an overlooked major medical problem and the solution lies in the hands of dentistry and nutritionists with more forward-thinking in planning as a nation about how we grow our next generation of faces and our airways. Why are there so many sleep centers popping up all across the country in all civilized countries? Simple, civilized countries have major food deficiencies and allergies which means smaller palates and thus, smaller nose boxes and more problems with our sinuses. Our kids tend to mouth breathe more and some kids even snore. Snoring is not cute or funny. Snoring is a major health issue relating to low night time healing and low night time brain nutrition and night time heart stress. Our airways are surrounded by a ring of lymphatic tissues that react badly to bad food choices.

What is the answer? Go back to basics. Breastfeed for two years or more, and then avoid the bad foods like sugars and grains and seek to consume as many sources of trace minerals as you can find. Supplement our children’s diets with bone meal, fish meal, bone marrow, and bone broth soups, and grow perfect faces again. Stop changing the human swallow with artificial latex nipples that change the force direction of the tongue and the swallow. Do not create bad swallows or “tongue thrusts” in the first place. When upper jaws do not develop or palates are too small, this has major consequences for ENTs and dentists. Then the lower jaws cannot grow downward and forward as much as they should so the tongue cannot get the heck out of the way of the airway! It is a vicious cycle. In 2006 the American Academy of sleep Medicine said oral or orthodontic appliances are excellent choices for mild-to­ moderate sleep apnea. Why? Because these appliances can pull the lower jaws downward and forward which pulls the tongue forward out of the airway. The “0” in orthodontics stands for OXYGEN, THE FIRST FOOD IN LIFE! You should know that one prominent Chicago MD thinks that all ADHD kids have both sleep-disordered breathing and dietary issues and that is the main cause of ADHD.



Dr. Henry Ulhlemeyer M.D. said,

“If the mandible is not physiologically-positioned, all stress hormones are automatically stimulated; all muscles tense, blood pressure rises to overcome resistance, pulse quickens, respiration is shallow and loses efficiency. The body raises its blood sugar to fuel this emergency, releases adrenalin and increases the pain threshold. The gastrointestinal tract responds acutely…”

We need the super-important autonomic nervous system working for us to relax and digest and recover from stressful events in life. We need our parasympathetic system working to relax and enjoy life. When our sympathetic system predominates, we are stressed and doctors call it sympathetic dystrophy.”

If we grow inadequate airways and bad bites, then the trigeminal nerves are compromised in their functioning. This leads to the production of Substance P, which is a major inflammatory neuropeptide which nobody in Ottawa yet knows much about because the leading expert on this phenomenon lives in California. His name is Dr. Dwight Jennings. Just google his name and the words Substance P. This is a treat to read and his research is excellent. Here is his quote. “It is my belief and clinical experience that the primary mechanism by which stressed bites impact health is by way of increased trigeminal nerve tonicity, which leads to elevated substance P.”

So bad bites cause major stress to the whole person and this can adversely affect your entire autonomic nervous system.

One other M.D. Presidential physician Dr. Alexander Leeds commented,

“This (correcting of the bite) is some of the greatest treatment of chronic pain symptoms that I have come across in over fifty years of medical practice.”

If we do grow our faces well, there are consequences.


5) Next is ALIGNMENT

Today many people have upper jaws that are undersized and this causes the lower jaw to sit too far back or off to one side, or the lower jaw sits into too deep a bite. Now know this: when your jaws are off your neck, vertebrae are off. too. In fact, one researcher found that the number one symptom of a stressed jaw joint (TMJ) problem was a sore neck in over 90% of the cases studied. The irony of a posterior jaw posture is that this creates a likelihood of a forward head posture. So now you have a bowling ball-sized head sitting off centre on your slender spinal column. That means that a bad bite affects your entire spinal alignment. You can take that to the bank Fellow members of the American Academy of craniofacial pain all had patients report that when their bite was rebalanced their neck pain and their low back pain went away. The probable reason for that is your cranial membranes called the dura attached only on your neck vertebrae and your sacral area, so when you loosen up the system by correcting the bad bite, then the dura relaxes and the back pain goes away. We all hear the expression “everything is connected to everything.” We all have to relearn this because we all knew this alignment stuff when we were kids and “connected” when we sang: “The jaw bone is connected to the head bone. The head bone is connected to the neck bone, The neck bone is connected to the back bone.”

Be aware! Observe those little clues we get in life.


6) Finally, we have APPEARANCE.

How do you not respond to a beautiful friendly SMILE? We are aware that appearance can be the great deception… because sometimes things are not as good or as real as they look.

Today, dentistry is a reflection of our society and all of us trying to look our best or look younger. So indeed, cosmetic dentistry has blossomed and that is a good thing. Our newest methods are amazing: e-max porcelain makes incredible smiles with crowns or veneers. Lumineers are the thinnest and mean that you hardly touch the original tooth. Then there is something removable called a “Snap on Smile” that pops right over your existing teeth. Literally an instant smile. Then Dr. Rod Kurthy has developed a bleaching system that is head-and-shoulders better than any other. However, sometimes I feel that we are put promoting esthetics ahead of other priorities like the airways and the alignment and diagnosing inflammation.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Dentistry’s A game. Our office enjoys meeting new patients 613-234-5758.

Dr Paul Greenacre graduated from McGill University. He has served as a dental editor for 9 years of his career. Seven percent of dentists have earned one fellowship. Dr Greenacre has earned four dental fellowships and is working on two more. His office theme is “Smart dentistry for smart families

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