Dentistry’s a Game – Part 1

April 12, 2018 | By More

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By Dr. George Paul Greenacre


1) Our A-Game starts with AWARENESS!

Few people understand how important your oral health is to your total health.

Think of the top functions of our mouths from our first breath to our suckling on the breast to the very ability to sing, speak, swallow, spit, kiss, taste, and make faces at each other. Someone once said that whatever the mind does not know the eyes cannot see. We all need to see our mouths differently because the number one cause of death is inflammation and most inflammation in our lives is associated with our mouths. If we have one of many different gum diseases then we have inflammation.

If we have tooth disease we can have different sources of inflammation. If we have a bad bite, then C fibers of the trigeminal nerves give off Substance P which is another major source of inflammation. A bad bite leads to snoring and this means we start to have less oxygen during our healing time. Finally, this can lead to sleep apnea and either a stroke or a heart attack Become aware of the great value of your oral health and the key is acidity or alkalinity.



This is the key to tooth nutrition and bone nutrition according to Sweden’s Dr. Alfred Aslander. The human face is shrinking because we do not eat enough trace minerals to make our palates grow as wide as our ancestors’ palates used to grow. WE EAT TOO MANY REFINEDCARBS, BAD SUGARS, BAD GRAINS AND BAD FATS. Palates are shrinking. We measure palatal widths every day in our practices. A great broad wide palate is rare today because we have stopped eating bone marrow and bone broth soups. TRACE MINERALS are being forgotten as part of our food heritage. Early humans used those stone axes to break open long bones and eat the super food called bone marrow. We lived near the oceans and lakes and ate lots of fish and fish bones which gave us minerals. All hunter-gatherers scavenged bones from other animal kills and appreciated the bone marrow as a trace mineral treat. Today faces do not grow because we have forgotten trace minerals in our food systems and we have the same soils supporting our fruits and vegetable crops that grew the foods for our world 100 years ago when we were only 1billion people on the planet. Now we are over 7 billion seeking the same sustenance from the same thin crust of soils. Our soils are overworked and micronutrient-depleted. So, to get the same nutrition our grandparents had, we need to eat 4 to 6 of today’s oranges to equal one orange our grandparents ate. Teeth are the most mineral dense structures in our bodies and we can have perfect cavity-free teeth if we supplement our diets with more trace minerals from mammal bone meal or fish bone meal sources. The Vikings did what they did because they ate the small Baltic herring baked as a dietary staple which gave them excellent trace mineral nutrition.

Vikings and most hunter-gather groups never had osteoporosis problems and they grew great faces, generation after generation. Then we moved to the farm and started using more and more grains as staples in our diets. There is a lot to be said for farmers, but that is when we reduced our bone marrow intake and then our faces and airways began to shrink. Simple primitive diets are to be honoured. When I see parents raised on simple primitive third world diets I see beautiful wide arches. Then when I see their children raised on North American food, I see more decay and more narrow palates. Sixty per cent of kids today need orthodontics and over eighty percent of kids have tooth decay because we do not have enough trace minerals in our face-growing and tooth-growing years. Make trace minerals available to your children and you can reverse tooth decay, shrinking faces, snoring, osteoporosis and shrinking airways. We can grow better kids with better nutrition. Better food choices also mean fewer metabolic diseases for the next generation. Let us  build better kids!  How? Here is a simple idea for busy parents. Just throw a little osteobroth powder from Herb and Spice or Rainbow Foods or Whole Foods into your kids’blender drinks. Part 2 next issue of Tone…

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Dentistry’s A game. Our office enjoys meeting new patients 613 234 5758.

Dr Paul Greenacre graduated from McGill University. He has served as a dental editor for 9 years of his career. Seven percent of dentists have earned one fellowship. Dr Greenacre has earned four dental fellowships and is working on two more. His office theme is “Smart dentistry for smart families

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