Demonstrating Love not Demanding Justice

November 19, 2018 | By More

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)

A game of mind control is playing out on the world stage: some people feel entitled to strike out from their hurt and make a huge ruckus. While there’s healthy progress in people asking for respect and to be heard, it’s not progress when someone chooses to push their beliefs and their differences on another, with the anticipation that force will create acceptance.

It’s as though there’s a great misunderstanding about what it means to be diverse in our communities. This confusion comes from painful wounding that we all inherited, in personal and planetary timelines, when we were abused, enslaved, and forced to conform. We sometimes felt that anything we did that ‘rocked the boat’ only led to greater pain. It seems only naturally human to get angry about that upon awakening to truth. However, there’s also a dark force exploitation of people’s triggers occurring. As planned, we’re seeing humanity swing back and forth from being oppressed and victimized, to the polarity of aggressively demanding justice, pushing back with more discrimination, and even sometimes expecting unreasonable entitlement, all in the name of gaining back power. But it’s a false power. And it’s still feeding the victim-victimizer and divide-and-conquer programs.

When we feel that we must push ourselves onto others there is some imbalance within, and some unmet need. Meeting that need will never come from our outer reality, only the inner.

Self-responsibility requires that we see the program, stop blaming external forces, and look at what is out of balance in our relationship with ourselves. We can heal trauma and fragmented sub-personalities, and synthesize these polarities. Then we truly have acceptance: we respect others and don’t expect others to respect us. Mutual respect will occur simply because we accept ourselves.

It’s about demonstrating love, to ourselves and all others, not demanding justice.

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Amâeil (Melinda Urban) 2018

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