Consciousness-raising monthly gatherings: Energy Balancing Exchange Event (since 1998)

November 14, 2018 | By More

by Martee Tegtmeyer, CenKp, TFHI/C, TAC

Please share with you networks in the Ottawa River Watershed. A Guest Presenter or Panel on any or all aspects of INTEGRATION starts at 6:50PM on first Fridays. After a five-minute bio-renewal interval, we gather at 7:50PM in a NETWORKING CIRCLE.  We are hosting the Dec. 7 gatherings at PLANET BOTANIX.

RECEIVING BENEFITS: The feelings people experience are similar to positive spiritually transformative experience (STEs) such as light, warmth, acceptance & have been expressed during the closing circle as: gratitude, community, welcoming, peace, integration, expansion,  enlightening, enlivening & more….

FOLLOWING A FUN PROCESS: During Networking Circle introductions, each of us briefly states our name, one topic, & one community event/workshop /conference we would like to share. Then we mingle with active listening & active observing conversing in pairs or pods. The intention is to have two 10 to 15 minute exchanges with different people as volunteers to each other, alternating one giving, one receiving.  The ‘integrating conversations’ might share demonstrating holistic methods for health enhancement. For example, we have seen mini-sessions of specialized kinesiology, DNA downloads & more.  We offer snacks at this time! All participants abide by our Code of Conduct for everyone to mutually feel:  secure, safe, valued & that their free will is honoured, which facilitates cascading waves of integration at the appropriate time.

At 8:40 PM we have a CLOSING CIRCLE sharing a word or two on what feelings we resonate with from experiencing the gathering that evening. Then the true meditation begin as we carry that energy frequency vibration into our daily lives. [Note: PLANET BOTANIX closes at 9pm on Fridays.]

MAKING CONTRIBUTIONS: The “Honour Fee” for the evening is $10 or more; contribute what you can. Net proceeds are being donated to water is sacred (fb), & supporting eco-spiritual works by grandmothers & youth to restore the sacred Ottawa River watershed.

Fri, Dec 7, 6:45 Guest Presenter Fatima Anastasie on: Transformation  & Integration. Hosted by the Energy Balancing Exchange Event at Planet Botanix

Hosted T. M. (ThOMus Martee) TegTmeyer

“Martee” has appt. hours: 10:30am to 5:30pm Dec 8 @ PLANET BOTANIX.

Tone Magazine is pleased to sponsor the advertising for this gathering.

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