Concert for Hope, Healing, Peace and Reconciliation

September 23, 2017 | By More

When Ottawa native Bradfield returns for his Heart of Light concert at St. Paul’s University on Thursday September 28, he brings to the stage an entire life of exploration of the heart. Part of the Ottawa Peace Festival, this event for hope, healing, peace and reconciliation at the quaint Mazenod Chapel is a unique evening of music for the Soul, presented with a passionate baritone voice, grand piano and Native American flute. Drawing from his huge repertoire, the concert will feature music from his “heart” trilogy, including meditative Buddhist mantras, uplifting new adaptations of sacred feminine anthems such as “Ave Maria” as well as introspective, poetic songs from his “Becoming” album.

Inspired by his latest project “Heart of Gaia”, the Heart of Light concert includes a tribute to both Mother Earth Gaia and the First Nations women who have endured abuse, rape and violence; some even disappearing without a trace. During the event, multiple testimonies of indigenous women will honor the memories of all who suffered such traumas. From Heart of Gaia, Bradfield will perform his song “Truth Whisperers”, composed at the request of a medicine woman on behalf of her ancestors. The song opens our hearts to hear their murmurs in the wind, becoming their collective voices to bring justice and healing to all those affected

Bradfield is an artist with a complete vision of his creative universe. Songwriter, arranger and producer, his 33 vocal and instrumental albums touch at once the spirituality of being and musical theater. His creations reveal a poetic approach, infused with therapeutic tones and imbued with universal harmony. Aspiring to raise the collective consciousness and devoted to the purity of intention, the artist has devoted his entire life to the exploration of the heart, relying mainly on his intuition to guide us gently towards the Light of our greatest potential.

Heart of Light concert is part of the promotional efforts for the fundraising of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, in support of their local and international programs providing training and services for world peace and reconciliation.

Heart of Light Concert

Thursday September 28, 7:00 PM

Mazenod Chapel at St. Paul’s University

223 Main Street, Ottawa

For tickets:

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