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Channelled by Lisa Virtue

The busy-ness, hustle and bustle, preoccupation, and attention to plans and work may be contributing to the disconnect you are feeling with your true being.

There is a part of you that understands all is well.  That all is secure and there is nothing you need outside of who you are.  That you are love and you are fine, completely acceptable as you are. This knowing is not prominent in today’s western society.  The ways of life have been developed based on the part of you that feels separate from that truth.  The part that doesn’t recognize it’s own innate magnificence.  You have an aspect that believes you are less than perfect, less than enough. That there’s never enough, that things aren’t as well as they need to be, that gets things wrong and fears punishment for it, etc, etc.

You are marketed to in ways that perpetuate the fears, and the self-doubt.  These promote your insecurity in order to offer a paid solution for you.  The solution, Dearest Ones, comes in remembering that this is the delusion of society’s creation, the forgetting of self.

There have been those who referred to this society as sick. It could be viewed this way metaphorically.  That a society with a belief that no one is enough, that nothing is good enough, bases all of its creations on this.  The false premise breeds all that you’ve been experiencing in unsupportive ways.

Let us adjust the premise for you, to remind you that you are complete, that you are a good, beautiful, divine, loving and loved being.  There is no lack, only completeness.  If all is complete, then nothing is less than. If all is complete, then you are enough.  If you choose to come from, or even to contemplate, the idea that you are safe, enough, completely loved, and there is nothing you need or need to do, to be those… If you can come from that vantage point your choices shift, thoughts transform. You view things differently. You wake up and see the mistaken foundation that so much has been based on, the fears coming from the mistaken belief.

So what are you to do then? Drop into stillness, meditation if you will, but taking moments to disconnect from the thoughts, from the worries, moving in to present moment awareness, but even deeper.  Come within. What is the present moment of your true self, not the external world?  What is the state of your inner being? Not the emotions, not the thoughts, not the physical sensations. Come in to that sense of self and feel what that feels like. Reconnect with your wholeness. Allow yourself this peace, Dear Ones.

If you can only find it for a moment, then that moment is precious.  The more moments you can cultivate the more you will transform your experience. Allow your thoughts to shift. Allow your sensations to shift.  It may feel strange, unusual. You are habituated in the old ways, the old patterns, the old thoughts you had about yourself and your capabilities, your capacities.  As you choose to allow room for those to change, it will be different. Different is what you were wanting.  Allow yourself to experience the newness of reconnecting with who you really are, with the truth of self, with your completeness. How your days may unfold in a whole new manner as you hold your attention to that truth of self.

You are already a blessing.  May you recognize that within yourself.

Deepest of regards from All-That-Is-Divine

Lisa Virtue is a healer, channel and yoga teacher. She offers sessions to aid you in reconnecting with your divine self. Her physical practices assist you in releasing what is held in the body and coming into a new relationship with your physical being. Energetic sessions shift old blocks and thought forms, allowing clarity.

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