Channelling – Children and Ascension: A transmission from Orion and Mother Mary

September 26, 2018 | By More

By Monica Dumont


Greetings, I Am Orion.

I come in light, transmitting information to the planet earth to assist in the ascension process of many who are ready to do so now. We live in a dimension that is not like yours, our dimension is of a different frequency, a vibration of love and creation. We are here to assist those who call upon us.

The ascension is taking place and many will ascend with the planet, not just the planet, but many other beings are ascending. It is a wave in what you call time. It is a wave in the light that must take process for those who choose to contribute to it and contribute to participate. Much help is being given to those who ask and assistance to do so.


What will ascension look like to those who are ready and want to ascend?

Information downloads – information in awakening into what the realities are, information into the light, the ability to tap into other dimensions and the ability to tap into other communities that are like minded.


What will it look like for those who are not ready or do not want to ascend at this time?

To them it’s the same, nothing changes, but it is a dim place.


Is there a way we can help our children Ascend in this life time?

Yes, guide them, show them. Children are focused on what they see and what they are shown by the adults around them, by showing them the different aspects of life; they can obtain greater understanding and a greater open mind. A broader view of reality, exposing them to the different things and possibilities can assist them greatly in helping them make their choices from the heart and broaden their perspective.

Children are here to ascend – Most children now are here for the opportunity to ascend, but not all are given the chance from the circumstances they live in, but we spread this opportunities through different means and ways in people who are willing to come in contact with the children or their families. Many, many, many children are transmitters of light; with their connection alone we can do many things in assisting humanity in their ascension, we need people like you to step up and make a shift make a difference in yourself and in those around you.

Many people will follow into this ascension without even knowing what they are doing. This is a choice from their soul and higher perspective, they don’t have to consciously be aware in their human body, but the shift is happening to those who wish to access it now. It is a wave of light going through the universe allowing many beings to ascend not just on earth, but in other dimensions and universes and even for us.


How long will the wave last in human years?

The wave is happening now in “the now”, in the now for us. For you it will be considered to be about 25 years, it has been in process for a while and will eventually start to diminish. The time is now, we speak in the NOW TIME. It’s when we must act it is an opportunity given to all of us by our creator, a wave of light and love a source of energy that travels throughout the universes.


How often do we get these waves of energy?

350,000 years.


Can we tell our children about this?

Yes, you must speak to them about this; it broadens their perspective and their mind for what they see around them.

They have come here to ascend and with guidance and understanding they can access that information more easily.


Do you know anything about human adolescents?



Do you have any suggestions on how to communicate this information with human adolescents?

When you speak to anyone you must speak from the heart. There is a connection from your heart to the other’s heart and this connection transmits the information that you wish to send over to the other. It is not only for teenagers, it is for all who wish to transmit information; there is also your third eye where you can project information to your child when speaking to them. They will receive images as well as a transmission from the heart and allow your child to understand your message. It also helps your child in becoming more centered.

Teaching children to be grounded is a key to their success in this plane of reality. Many children go ungrounded and are thrown off their own center and are unable to tap into their own abilities and gifts because of what is happening here in this plane.

When you teach children to ground and the importance of grounding you set them up in their path.

A path that is theirs and not someone else’s. They are able to understand and quickly access who they are at a higher level, creating and allowing them to have information to assist them in their path.

The children of ascension are ready for that and are waiting for people to guide them and assist them. As light workers you are in charge of guiding these children and others who are asking for that.


Can you tell us of a specific way we can teach children and teenagers how to ground?

You teach children to connect through play depending on the age. As a teenager they are able to understand all that is being said. If the teenager has questions they can ask and wonder, we want them to wonder, it is a key to opening things and accessing information whether from this realm or from above. The teenager will wonder and access in whichever way they are able to access at that moment. With guidance that teenager will be able to access more and explore more in the safety of that guidance


What specific method can teach them to ground?

You must feel heavy and strong as if you are the earth. The heaviness that comes with gravity is a way of feeling your groundedness here.

You can feel yourself heavy as lead and you will begin to start to be grounded. Feel yourself heavy as lead, heavy on your legs and feet and drawn to the earth. Feel yourself being pulled down all the way to the center of the earth. There, you will find a moment of peace in you. In that moment of peace remember who you are as a soul, not a human being with a name and body. Remember who you are, “The You” the real you. You have the ability to sense that, you have the ability to sense that by wanting it and recalling it within your power – within you in that moment of peace the earth has giving you a gift, access that and use it wisely. It is a gift being given to you by a great being of life and creation. We bow to the earth… a great being of love, life and creation.


The Ascended Master Mary

I Am Mary, I come to work with children in this plane. It is my job to assist them and to guide them and to help them feel safe and at ease, it is my job to send love to them and to show them light. There are many children who need the assistance that you can provide. Assistance by guiding them and by reminding them of who they are. There are many children who could benefit from love and a caring, smiling face.


Can you tell us more about your work with children?

I’m the Mary who helps children find their light, I guide children through love allowing them to express their divinity through play and imagination, I assist those children who need assistance.

Children need guidance and love – something that has been known throughout the times and yet most often forgotten. The children are all beings of the Creator and are often forgotten and treated as if they are not.

All light workers are to assist the children, not only the children in their lives, but the children being brought to their attention. They are to guide them not only through words, but through example and kindness. They are to show the children that they matter and that they exist and that they are as real as you and the trees and the sky and the earth and all of us. Light workers are to assure them they are that and more.

Light workers will guide them through their words, through their presence, through their actions and their love, by looking at them. Look at them in their eyes and show them that they are more than what others say they are.

I work with those who work with children; I work with those who have a heart directing them to work with children.


Why is it that there are some people who have difficulties in working with children?

This is because they do not understand who they are themselves.

They are in a way disconnected from their own child within.


What can a person who is disconnected from their inner child do to heal?

Love, connect your heart to the child inside through love.

Create a cord of light from your heart to the child within and that connection will remind the child that it exists and that it is a being of deserving, a real being that exists throughout time.


When working with the child within, does the person who is healing this injured part needs practice connecting many times or just one time?

As often as it is needed, the child must realize that it’s real and that it is a part of love.

Awakening your child awakens many other things within the self and the connection that all humans desire to the higher-self starts with that.

Children are more important than the human adult believes, they are the connection to the higher realms and that is the child that is within each adult, not just the children who are living that experience at that moment.

When in childhood that connection gets broken, than the child becomes an adult harming the child within, disconnecting from the higher realms and disconnecting from the higher self. It removes the assistance the child could have gotten from the higher realms because that connection is no longer there.

Through the connection of the heart of the child you can connect to many other things and places, places and things that humanity cannot even imagine now. That reality is so, and many do not understand or know. In fact this information is not given to many. I work with many who do not understand or know, they do not understand their work, but that is okay for they do not need to understand to happen. Here I am talking to you now, so that you may share this information with who you feel may be beneficial to share it with. It is not necessary for all to know, for some will believe, some will dismiss it and some won’t believe at all.

This information is given to those who are ready to listen and who are ready to align to us. They must align to the same purpose as us. We are energy of love and of creation, but also an energy that assist as well. We stand in the Grace of God our Creator, assisting those who have called upon us to do so.

What else can we do to help children today?

When you see a child, smile at them and send them love through your heart and imagine them through your third eye being loved. And when you look in their eyes they will be able to feel this. They are as real as you and I.

Monica Dumont is a Divine Channel, Spiritual Healer and Regression Therapist.

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