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October 8, 2019 | By More

by Monica Dumont

Love is one of the most basic things we can speak to you about because it is so natural to you and to everything that exists as it is part of everything and everyone. As you begin to acknowledge yourself as being love and a part of love, you begin to enrich and expand those aspects of you. You begin to use that energy to transform and transmute those parts of you that need that specific frequency in themselves. You begin to create in your everyday life through the perspective of love; touching the lives of those who come around you and those who are associated to you, through the connection of the higher consciousness.

When love is your focus in your life, the world changes instantaneously for you for that is all you are able to see in any situation, in any encounter you may have. As you recognize this more and more, your name will also change. We do not mean that as the name that was given to you in your current incarnation, we mean that as your frequency will change and you will expand more and more, and you will grow more and more through grace, through ease, all in the name of love, all in the name of your highest purpose here on earth.

May peace be with you.

Monica Dumont is a Divine channel, healer and regression therapist.

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