Carol Dignam: Registered Integral Psychotherapist

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I am a Registered Psychotherapist using an Integral somatic-psycho-spiritual approach. Research towards a book I have written on psycho-spiritual healing & 30 years of clinical experience have lead me to two conclusions: the power to heal the psyche lies within the psyche itself, and unresolved embodied trauma underlies many psychological issues. Therefore, I employ a variety of experiential psychotherapeutic methods such as EMDR & IBP, designed to access the unconscious psyche wherein unresolved embodied trauma is stored. These methods facilitate the disintegration of embodied trauma by activating the body to sense where trauma is stored, the mind to remember the trauma, & the heart to feel, express & release it. The majority of my clients are in awe of the journey activated by these methods, & profoundly grateful for the transformative results.

Every culture has developed some kind of meditative method to facilitate physical, psychic and\or spiritual healing. After researching and teaching a variety of meditations, I developed a mindful, somatic, imaginative and cathartic meditation which facilitates physical-psycho-spiritual integration. I guide this meditation until my clients can guide it for themselves, thereby empowering my clients to support their own healing.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Qualifications & Training: I am a Registered Ontario Psychotherapist (CRPO) with a MEd in counselling psychology & a MA in medical anthropology.  I am a certified Integrative Body (IBP) and EMDR psychotherapist, with additional training in Gestalt, Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy, Addictions counselling, Narrative therapy & Non-Violent Communication.

Specialties: PTSD, anxiety, depression, addictions & self-esteem issues.

Approach: Loving and Compassionate.

Insurance coverage: under “Psychological Services”.

Cost: $100\hour; the 1st session is free.

Contact Information:; 613-422-9396

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