Bowen Therapy Helps Integrate Emotional Healing

November 14, 2017 | By More

In this article, certified bilingual Bowenwork practitioner Francine Ryan describes how a Bowen Therapy session complemented an intensive heart healing retreat.

In August 2017, Francine attended a powerful and transformative retreat entitled “Open to Love” led by Evolution of the Heart facilitators Bill and Patricia Clum. The three day retreat focused on opening the heart, supporting participants in their efforts to bring deep fears and emotions into awareness.

The day after the retreat ended, Francine was approached by another retreat participant and occasional Bowen Therapy client for a session. While Francine was delighted to comply with the request, she was unprepared for how intensely her client’s body would respond to Bowenwork after three days of resolving some heart wounding and releasing resistance.

Francine observed how deeply the client’s body embraced the re-balancing process. For example, the waiting time between sets of moves is typically two to five minutes to give the muscles time to relax and to allow the nervous system to process the signals. With this client, the waiting time for processing extended to ten minutes, and occasionally fifteen minutes. In fact, the client responded throughout the session with a greater ease of flow and deeper connection than experienced previously.

The increased receptivity was more impressive because this client only receives Bowen Therapy treatments two or three times a year when she visits Ottawa. There was no frequency of Bowenwork sessions to account for her body’s release and ease.  In all her years of practicing Bowen Therapy, Francine rarely witnessed such a profound impact on a client.

As a result of the client’s retreat experience, her heart was more open which enabled her body to more effectively receive and connect with its own needs and desires. The client’s response to the Bowen Therapy session was that “it helped ground and balance my body and emotions after such an intense weekend.” She felt “more integrated” and “ready to get on a plane and re-enter my life.”

This client’s experience demonstrates how a Bowen Therapy session can assist the physical body to integrate emotional healing, and to reinforce the mind-body connection. Bowenwork can increase vitality, emotional balance and enhance one’s ability to meet life with grace and resilience.

About Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy, trademarked as Bowenwork and Bowtech – the Original Bowen Technique, is a whole body, hands-on soft tissue therapy with specific procedures that target a long list of issues. Precise gentle moves send signals to the central nervous system and indirectly to the autonomic nervous system via muscle proprioceptors and afferent nerves. The light, gentle touch is suitable for newborns and children, adults, elderly, athletes and pregnant women.

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