Bowen Therapy for Athletes

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Runners, marathoners, iron wo/men, golfers, martial arts practitioners, soccer, volleyball and tennis players, and other athletes who aim to improve performance or get back in their game after incurring injuries, strains, and muscle soreness should consider Bowen Therapy, also known as Bowenwork. It’s a safe, gentle, natural, yet powerful hands-on therapy that stimulates the body to heal.

Bowenwork directly affects the autonomic nervous system, which influences every aspect of the body, including the muscles, fascia, ligaments, respiration, even emotions—all elements of athletic performance.

Lyn McCuaig stumbled upon Bowen Therapy 15 years ago when she was a martial arts student looking for whatever was out there that could resolve her plantar fasciitis and get her back in the dojo. Having tried sports medicine and various alternative therapies, she received Bowen Therapy. After only two sessions she was amazed that she was pain-free and able to return to martial arts. She went on to win a medal at a tournament. Years later, while working toward a black belt, Bowen Therapy helped Lyn resolve a rotator cuff injury and shin splints.

Impressed by how quickly Bowen Therapy had resolved her sports injuries time and again, Lyn decided to study this modality and help others to experience the same benefits. She is now a Certified Bowenwork Practitioner practicing in Kanata.


Athletes who benefitted from Bowenwork had this to say.

I suffered a painful running injury while I was training for a marathon. Almost immediately following the first Bowenwork session, I experienced a significant reduction in pain. The treatments helped me recover faster and get back to running pain-free much sooner than I anticipated. I could not believe that a treatment that feels so gentle could have such a powerful effect. There were also many side benefits of the treatments like an easier time during my period as well as anxiety relief, which I did not expect. The treatment itself is also incredibly relaxing and I always sleep very well after my Bowen session. SBG, 2016

I was in constant pain with my calves and feet caused from the many miles I put on during my marathon training. Since having Bowen therapy I am now pain free and am now continuing my training for my next marathon. CG, 2016

Bowen Betters You

When I learned about Bowen, I was intrigued by the potential benefits. As a runner and athlete of various sports I am constantly fighting different ailments. Prior to back-to-back races in Chicago in July I had 3 treatments. I had a personal best in the 1st race and felt unbelievable. No calf or hamstring cramping, my breathing was relaxed and recovery was much quicker than usual. I truly believe I would not have run the PB without my treatments. Another Bowen bonus is how well you sleep after a treatment. KS, 2016

Spring is finally here! Seasoned athletes as well as beginners will be out there training for their personal bests. Unfortunately with the glory sometimes comes injury and pain. Seek timely, affordable help to address your sport injuries, and avoid the risk of sitting on the sidelines for the remainder of the season. Here’s to the thrill of your victories!


I first heard about Bowenwork from a friend when plagued with sciatica. After several visits to a chiropractor with no progress, I called a Bowenwork practitioner. After four gentle, relaxing treatments not only my sciatica but other minor conditions have been relieved thanks to Bowenwork. It works.

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