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Butterfly Flutters find their inspiration in the teachings of yoga. The aim is to unite us with the transcendental Oneness that underlies reality and that exists beyond mind and matter. Ironically, this lofty goal can be approached with light-heartedness, and whimsy—qualities that are good for the soul and that harness the forces of same creation that are simultaneously present in every fleeting moment as well as in the everlasting world of spirit. Monica Timbal taught herself yoga as a teen, growing up in Newfoundland, Canada. Initially, she practiced the postures for health and flexibility. However she soon realized that the strange exercises were opening her to something beyond the physical. She had rediscovered the true ‘yoga’ which means nothing less than a union with the divine. Thus began a lifelong journey, inspired by yoga, eastern spirituality, and meditation. By silencing her mind and activating her heart, the author gleans knowledge from what she describes as ‘an inexhaustible ocean of inspiration.’ This is the source of her whimsical Butterfly Flutters.

Confessions of An Indigo Child takes the reader through the incredible journey of the author, from adversity and downfall to a journey of self-discovery and connection to the infinite consciousness of the Universe. Alexander is a spiritual guide for the last decade and shares this amazing voyage, from skepticism, pain, and adversity to a radical awakening of the spirit, the ultimate revelation of Soul Purpose, and our connection to the Creator and the infinity of the Universe. This story takes place over the formative years and apprenticeship of the author as he assumes his role of spiritual teacher and channeler, taking us on his path through different countries and experiences with Spirit and the Source. Alexander unravels the Indigo Generation, the Ascension Process, and the global awakening that spans the last decade. This is a story of love, empowerment, and the affirmation of our infinity as a collective consciousness.

Painting with Words, Poetry for a New Era

Ian Prattis

“Painting with Words, Poetry for a New Era” is now available. On, soon on Indigo, also from me –  To avoid shipping costs, Ottawa friends can get a signed copy directly from me – a purchase enables you to take any one of my prior books home for free. Here is a glimpse from the Foreword by Jana Begovic.

Armed for Greatness is about the journey of Jessica, a teenager who starts to attract abusive relationships at an early age and all through her adult life. Her biggest fear is that she will transfer the abusive cycle to her two children. The book is not only the story of my life as Jessica but it is a practical and positive guide with personal development exercises. As an adult reader with children, you will get a clear vision of how your behavior can affect a child negatively and how you can change that to become a positive role model. As a teenager or young adult reader, you will understand how beliefs have been transferred to you unconsciously and by using and applying the tools in this book, you will free yourself from any blocks that are keeping you from reaching your true potential and greatness.

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Seven Sisters” Book Launch

by Rosemary Tayler

Sometimes conferences can be turning points in a person’s life. This was my experience back in November, 2016, when I attended the ACORN (Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network) conference in Moncton, New Brunswick. I was there on behalf of the Earth Haven Learning Centre to showcase planting calendars and books on organic farming and gardening. Dr. Fred Wiseman, one of the keynote speakers at that gathering, approached our booth and stated, “I’m looking for a publisher for a book on ancient seeds.” Without much thought, I quickly volunteered to help publish his book.

Since then, I have collaborated with a team of editors, artists, photographers, book designers and especially Dr. Wiseman to publish the Seven Sisters: Ancient Seeds and Food Systems of the Wabanaki People and the Chesapeake Bay Region.

This book tells the story of a remarkable seed chase that is combined with the reclamation of lost heritage of the Wabanaki people, their history and culture, and the rediscovery of their ancient agricultural technologies. The Wabanakis still reside in eastern North America in areas now called Vermont, New Hampshire, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine.

Trained as an archaecologist and ecologist, Dr. Wiseman focused most of his career on ancient agricultural practices and food systems of Indigenous people living in Arizona and Mexico before retiring to his hometown of Swanton, Vermont. After discovering that his father’s mother was Indigenous, he went on to research the old traditions, lifestyles and farming practices of his people in Vermont and thereby greatly assisted these tribes to gain State Recognition.

Based on these findings, he persisted in tracking down heirloom seeds that were grown in that region before the settlers arrived, and he went on to discover ancient planting methods are still in use today in Vermont and New Hampshire. What he was most astounded about was that these methods were identical to ones used by Indigenous people in Arizona and Mexico for thousands of years. These findings are the core of his newly released book, Seven Sisters.

This 280-page, full-color book also includes the cultural and calendrical aspects of ancient farming practices in Vermont, New Hampshire and Quebec.

Dr. Wiseman makes the case for a shift in cultural identity and perception of the Wabanaki people. Before the settlers arrived, these Indigenous people were skilled agrarians and maintained well-designed, highly-engineered plots where they grew many varieties of corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, sunflowers, artichokes and ground cherry, as well as tobacco, wild rice and wild leeks. Their cultural ceremonies were focused around their agricultural calendar and, while much of those ancestral experiences have been forgotten by many, this book is a vital component to acknowledge and reclaim this lost heritage.

Join us for the Ottawa book launch of the Seven Sisters at Singing Pebble Books, 206 Main Street, Ottawa on Saturday, June 2, 2018, from 1 to 3 pm.

This book is also available at Perfect Books, 258a Elgin Street and at Octopus Books, 116 Third Avenue in Ottawa, as well as at Novel Idea, 156 Princess Street in Kingston.

Rosemary Tayler is co-owner of Earth Haven Learning Centre Inc., an organization focused on education around organic and biodynamic gardening and farming practices. For more information go to

In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message, by Abd-ru-shin, is a three-volume spiritual work that teaches us about the cosmic laws that not only govern nature but all of
Creation. It also gives clear explanations about our place and responsibility as we journey through life. This work addresses the individual human being regardless of race,
creed or nationality; it reveals the true meaning of life and opens the door to true happiness and lasting inner peace.
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You can order “Our World Is Burning” ($19.95) and receive one FREE autographed copy of New Planet New World; or Redemption; or Trailing Sky Six Feathers; or Failsafe; or Meditation CD as a thank you. Indicate which item you would like, though it depends on inventory what can be sent.

  • Marianna van de Lagemaat, Herbalist Farmer

The words in these essays touch my heart deeply. For instance: “I don’t want to grow up and live in a world that is burning.” From the heartfelt cry of a terrified nine year old boy, Ian demonstrates in his thoughtful, gentle way how we can, through an awakened awareness, change ourselves as individuals, think mindfully, sustainably and globally as interconnected communities and thus heal our Earth and restore our humanity. 

  • Koozma J. Tarasoff, Anthropologist, Peace Activist, Author and Photographer.

Ian Prattis’ new book is an urgent call for action in our troubled world. Environmental pollution, wars, violence, greed, ego worship and crass materialism are issues that urgently need to be resolved for the health of our Planet Earth and its inhabitants. Indeed, we need to release our bad thoughts to the soil and become informed. This is a book for the new generation who also need to nurture a respectful relationship to Mother Earth. Bravo, Ian, for helping to bring the tipping points of our consciousness closer to a critical mass for radical change. Master Story Teller and Healer with a vision for a new world.

  • Gayle Crosmaz-Brown, Master Drum Artisan & Spiritual Activator

Ian’s writing style keeps one motivated to keep turning the pages wanting to know more. His passion for sharing his insights and growth has no bounds, and triggers others to take action. May all who invest their time absorbing these pages find it in their own hearts to live the example being created within his prose. Ian is the stone being tossed into the waters of life. Let his ripple be felt on all shores.

  • Ute H. Webb

Ian has dedicated his life to engaged Buddhism, leading by example and guiding us to become guardians of the earth, always challenging us to reach beyond our comfort zone. Drawing on his deep respect for the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, his long training as a Shaman, and his years spent as a Yogi in India, his knowledge, wisdom and reflections are timely and ever so pressing. He offers, and is, mindful engagement at its finest. In his brilliant conversation with young James in Chapter One he lays out the path we must choose. Failure to do so is summarized in his excellent Rant from the Future – Chapter Two. Rock on Ian!

  • Wendy Martin PhD

This collection of essays, dharma talks, and stories offers compelling examples of how to respond to the most serious social, economic, environmental and personal challenges of the Twenty-first century: inequality, climate change, addiction, consumerism, depression, violence, abuse.  Through integrating personal narrative with insights from Buddhism, anthropology, psychology, and ecology, Dr. Prattis examines the interdependent nature of the self, society and nature, as well as, the integral relationship between self-transformation and collective healing.   He illustrates how individuals can use mindfulness practice to cultivate awareness, as an ethical framework to guide actions, to create steadiness and equanimity, and to replenish body, mind and spirit.  This book offers effective tools and strategies to help identify and transform the causes, conditions and manifestations of our individual and collective fear, suffering and anger into compassion, courage, healing, awareness and mindful action.


Letting Go So You Can Thrive –

Feeling stuck? You’re not alone. Millions of people are stuck in meaningless jobs, empty relationships, and difficult situations, repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over again. You know there’s something more. Deep down, you’ve been having that uncomfortable gnawing feeling.

Fortunately, there IS an answer and it is much more accessible and available to you than you may think!!


New Planet, New World, by Ian Prattis, is published by Manor House. The final book in a trilogy, offered at $25 with an additional bonus. Buy a copy of New Planet, New World directly from the author and also receive the two prior books in the trilogy for free. In Ottawa, pick up your three books at 1252 Rideout Cr, Ottawa, ON K2C 2X7. 613 726 0881 Or order through: with links to Amazon, Indigo and Barnes & Noble.


Get Your Life on Track – you been searching for a deeper meaning and purpose in your life? Do you get the sense that you have an inner wisdom that might be available as a guiding force for you, and yet struggle with how to connect with that intuitive core? How do you discern which inner voices to listen to?

For over twenty years, Moira Hutchison has helped many address these questions and more. Using a soft, loving, humorous and down-to-earth approach, she helps you create a new way of life by tapping into your own intuition and learn to rely upon it as your main guiding force.