Body as Temple

June 10, 2019 | By More

By Yola Dunne – Practitioner of the Healing and Shamanic Arts @

The body is our most sacred and intimate companion. It is the vehicle that carries us through the great adventure of life. It comes with us everywhere we go. Even when we dream and fly on the wings of imagination, the body is there to guide us back home, each and every time.

Your body is a house of ancient wisdom and follows a rhythm that can be trusted. Feed yourself well. Take yourself for a gentle walk. Play in the water. Have fun! Listen to your cells and give them a voice. Know that all life speaks in simple ways. Listen to your body as if you were entering a quiet and pristine temple space – and let its wisdom and compassion guide you to greater harmony and unity within yourself.

Take care of yourself. Not only with what you think is right, but what you have learned about yourself from experience and trial and error. What is right for one person may not be right for you. 

Have the courage to be in your body and to love being you. Cultivate reverence for who you are. Desire to be no one else but you. Be your natural self with confidence. Care for your temple with love and respect instead of bombarding it with judgement and criticism.

Take a moment right now to say to yourself; “I love you. You are perfect exactly as you are”. Know that you are a living and breathing miracle. If you are reading this, then the spark of life has made itself at home within you. Isn’t that enough to bow to the magnificence of who and what you are? 

In love, light, and sacred relationship,


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