Basic Foundations of Past Life Regression

September 21, 2018 | By More

Offered by José Luis Cabouli, M.D., University of Buenos Aires, General, Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon.

Why are we concerned with past lives?

Many of the difficulties and emotional conflicts in our present life originate from traumatic or emotionally painful experiences we went through in a previous existence. These experiences do not go away after death and they leave an emotional mark that stays embedded deep down in our being; this mark is passed onto subsequent lives.

The instant the soul leaves the body; it may carry with it a heavy load of mixed emotions. Fear, guilt, anguish, abandonment, and other feelings are mixed with anger, hate, fury, or thirst for revenge.

When we face the various circumstances of our day-to-day lives, we unknowingly react on impulse, and this reaction is triggered by forces coming from our past. The more unusual and out of place the reaction is, the higher the probabilities of it originating from a previous life event.

In the midst of a given situation, when we react emotionally without being able to get a hold of ourselves, this is due to the fact that at the subconscious level, we are reliving an experience that has been triggered by an analogy to the current situation. For example, let’s think of a person who is claustrophobic. Every time this person is in an enclosed place, s/he experiences anguish, difficulty breathing, and a feeling of imminent death. This is what the person objectively feels at a physical conscious level. While at another level, his/her soul may be remembering a death by asphyxia or the crumbling of a mine. The person is not conscious of this but since his/her soul is reliving that experience, s/he experiences all the physical and emotional feelings

of the previous death. Every time this person faces the possibility of being trapped in an enclosed environment, s/he will inevitably experiment the emotional reactions of claustrophobia.

What concerns can be addressed with using Past Lives Regression (PLR)? Basically, anything and everything that is usually addressed during a consultation with a psychotherapist can be addressed. Phobias, fears, anguish, depression, blockages, guilty feelings, iterative failures, whether they are affective or material, behavioural distress, sexual issues, relationships conflicts, suicidal tendencies and psychosomatic ailments, such as allergies, bronchospasms or psoriasis, amongst others.

PLR is based on three basic premises:

• The soul’s timeless dimension

• The direct connection existing between psychic problems in this lifetime and traumatic events occurred in previous lives, during intrauterine life and at birth.

• The natural ability that human beings have to relive consciously unresolved experiences that are hidden in the subconscious mind.

Since 1988 Dr. Cabouli, MD, has been working exclusively on the development of Past Lives Regression therapy. Since 1992, he has been in charge of teaching courses on how to work with this technique. Since then he has taught more than 300 health professionals (physicians, psychologists, kinesiology specialists, nurses, doulas, naturopaths). He has delivered courses in Argentina, Spain, Mexico, and Venezuela and has authored 7 books about the soul and past lives, where he has shared his research, testimonies, and treatment of his patients.

Doctor Cabouli is visiting Canada for the first time ever to share his knowledge and experience! He will be teaching a foundation course of Past Lives Regression. The course is geared to those who want to learn and receive information about this alternative healing technique without having to go through a formal comprehensive treatment.

Gatineau, September 21-23.

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