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August 11, 2017 | By More

Introducing Ottawa’s New Integrated Web Portal for Healers, Peace Builders & Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

by Daniel Mauro is an exciting new integrated web portal for all things holistic, spiritual, healing, and peace related in Ottawa-Gatineau. The area of land spanning the National Capital Region is sitting on sacred ground. Just as there are planetary chakras located around the world, Ottawa is transforming into a planetary energy centre with its own unique energy signature, vibration, and spiritual mission. In awakening towards its future destiny, our Nation’s Capital has the potential to serve as a spiritual hub for Canada, and potentially, a consciousness leader for the world.

On Thursday, June 1, we did our first official launch for on CKCU’s I Am Alive Radio Show (see Home page or Blog for interview replay). Awakening Ottawa is a collective of individuals, events, and projects that aims to support Ottawa’s ongoing spiritual emergence, as part of a larger Enlightened Canada initiative I articulated during 2 live presentations in 2016.

Whether you are an energy healer, holistic nutritionist, yoga instructor, naturopath, vegan-vegetarian restaurant owner, homeopath, Theta healer, Bowen therapy practitioner, chiropractor, EFT guide, brain optimizing specialist, or spiritual teacher – you have chosen to be on a heart centered path of healing and you need to let others know about your unique services. As of June 2017, is the newest web portal to promote what you do and highlight what’s hot in Ottawa. Aside from a convenient Holistic Directory, the site features a Mandate, Initiatives, Events, and Blog page.

The MANDATE page describes 6 primary pillars – gentle guiding principles with which the site is structured and continues to evolve. Community integration, spiritual initiatives, and an events calendar are examples of essential pillars that drive the spiritual movement and help organize dynamic activities within the site itself.

Next is the INITIATIVES page, which features larger-in-scope spiritual happenings. Of the multitude of Ottawa events taking place on a monthly basis, the initiatives page would primarily highlight conferences, festivals, or movements that impact Ottawa-Gatineau’s spiritual communities as a whole; for example, a HayHouse style event with Gregg Braden, the annual Ottawa Peace Festival, and William Commanda’s vision for the Chaudiere Islands.

Then we’ve got the HOLISTIC DIRECTORY: It gives healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, centres and holistic clinics the opportunity to promote their businesses in an easy-to-find, high visibility web location. This directory is categorized into subdirectories that feature everything from solo practitioners and nonprofits, to spiritual trainings & holistic nutrition schools, integrative clinics, yoga centres, wellness shops, and vegetarian restaurants.

The directory is also great for web visitors looking for a particular healing modality, holistic service, or training centre. For example, you may be considering a Yoga Teacher Training and want to scope out the different offerings available in the Ottawa yoga space. Or perhaps you want to attend an impromptu yoga class at a centre closest you. In either case, the search process is made easy with a Yoga Centre subdirectory.

Last but not least…the BLOG page. Blog posts will consist of concise pieces written by local entrepreneurs on a variety of cutting-edge topics. There are 3 criteria to be eligible to contribute a blog piece to You are: 1) Subscribed to one of the holistic directory pages; 2) An expert on a relevant topic; 3) Published in your area of expertise.

For phase 2 of (planned for fall 2017) we’ll be introducing a Dynamic Events Calendar. The events calendar is meant to be a one-stop shop for all of the exciting activities taking place in Ottawa that align with the overall theme of the site. It’ll be searchable by topic (e.g., sound healing, speaker-author events, vegetarian festivals, brain health shows, meditation retreats). Also in phase 2, we’ll be adding the “Ottawa Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast,” featuring regular audio interviews with local health & wellness practitioners, visionary creators, spiritual event planners and heart centered entrepreneurs. is positioned to become a premiere spiritual web location for Ottawa’s evolving healing-spiritual-peace building communities. We’ll continue to drive traffic to the site using a variety of digital avenues, social media, videos, and newsletter send outs. But the fastest way to make this thing go viral is through participation and word of mouth. If you feel inspired about what you find on the site and you’d like to support the overall Awakening Ottawa initiative, kindly share the link with kindred spirits and sign up for the Awakening Ottawa Newsletter (at the home page). For more info contact:

Namaste, Daniel G

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