“Awakening”  Let’s Define It and Understand It

August 2, 2018 | By More

By Jen Wozny


The phenomenon of “awakening” is sweeping through our world, and since it is affecting change in ourselves and our societies, it is important to understand what it means.

First consider the root word being used: to be awake.

Per the dictionaries, “awake” means:

“to become conscious or aware of something”;

“to arouse from sleep or a sleep-like state”; and

“to make active.”

The converse word, “asleep,” means:

“lacking sensation”;

“inactive; dormant”;

“not alert; indifferent”; and

a “complete or partial suspension of consciousness.”

So, if the world is indeed becoming more aware of something, then to what are we awakening?  The answer is two-fold.

First, people are becoming more aware of: our human potential.  As the Masters have shown us throughout history, the full potential of a human is great.  Think levitation, teleportation, telepathy, spontaneous healing, and so much more.  It is this type of awareness that is generally associated with spiritual pursuits.

Second, people are: awakening to see the world more clearly than ever before.  We are seeing how things really work, who or what is really in control of our institutions and policies, and the subtle things that might be keeping us just a bit smaller than we would like to be. It is this type of awareness that tends to call for worldwide change.

Importantly, the two types of awakening are independent of each other.  A person awakening to their own fullest potential is not necessarily also seeing the world more clearly; because they are looking inward.  And a person who sees the world clearly is not necessarily also seeing their own personal potential; because they are looking outward.

Both types, however, generally cause the people involved to become active in adjusting their lives—bringing them more in alignment with what they now know to be true. While the process can be messy, fundamentally the phenomenon of awakening is a positive shift for all of us.

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